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Bored of the same old bedroom behaviour? Things getting a little dull in your dungeon of late? Then it’s about time you switched things up a little! Not entirely sure how? Don’t dismay; we’re here, as always, to give you some much needed Kinkspiration! Do you see what we did there?!

Ever heard of CBT? How about if we call it by its actual name, cock and ball torture? Certain to inspire A reaction amongst all men, this type of play really is in a league of its own. So whether you’re carefully cupping your crotch, or getting hard just thinking about it, we have 5 reasons You Should Try CBT that will really inspire you to give it a go.

Come on; don’t be a chicken! Most men are a little bit squeamish when it comes to having their manhood tortured and tormented. However, CBT promises an intense natural high, supreme stimulation and will create an all new pleasure vs. pain association within the body. Plus, deviant Dominants are guaranteed to get a real kick out of it!

So, are you feeling well and truly kinkspired? Then be sure to take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to CBT before getting started. After all; it’s important that your ball play is always cock on!

Now, for more Kinkspiration, why not check out our UberKinky Periodic Table of Kink?

Reasons You Should Try CBT
Beginner's Guide to CBT

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