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UberKinky’s Ruddy Amazing Infographic for Squirting

With #NationalOrgasmDay coming up, we decided there was no better time to delve into the sensational science behind squirting. So, as always, we pooled our resources and got to grips with the statistics, before delivering the information to you in true UberKinky style.

Squirting Infographic Squirting Infographic

Now, we all know that squirting is not something our government approves of. However, it seems that those involved with running the country are not necessarily the best people to take our cues from, especially when it comes to codes of conduct, eh Lord Sewel?! Indeed, certain ‘leakages’ may occur, but that’s an entirely different story...

Now, back to the subject at hand! Are you a little wet behind the ears when it comes to squirting? Well, just what is it and why do we think you need to know more? Here at UberKinky, it saddens us that so many women are still missing out on this incredible activity, and men too for that matter (it looks HOT!). Too many people continue to think it’s a myth, but it’s certainly one which we’re happy to debunk. So, not only have we put together a comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Squirting, we also dug deep to find interesting information and solid statistics to back up our theory!

There’s method to our madness... honest! We searched high and low to provide you with the necessary squirting statistics; ones which show that the majority of women have the ability to squirt, but very few are taking advantage of it. Our research took us to places we’ve never been before, and forced us to look at things that even the most deviant of minds couldn’t comprehend. Fear not; we’re merely taking the piss (get it?!)

Okay, we admit it, most of our research was web based. But we certainly weren’t going to recommend any techniques without trying them out ourselves first. Why should you guys have all the fun? So, we decided to take a very hands-on approach and, you could say, we’re hooked!

Reeeeeesult! Just see for yourself, UberKinky friends; our research shows that many more women are capable of squirting than actually do. If we take the statistics from Stanislav Kratochvil’s 1994 study, for instance, only 21% of women did not report fluid release upon orgasm. This still does not mean that they do not have the ability to squirt either. Technically all women that have a Skene’s gland (although we don’t know if all women do) have the potential to squirt. We also added a little bit of trivia at the end for you... we know how much you guys love a little bit of twisted trivia.

So, why don’t women seem to be experiencing and enjoying ejaculation? They clearly don’t know just how AMAZING it is!