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It's an E-Stim Invasion! Enter to Win a Series 1 Electro Sex Kit

Not too long ago we had a very special guest here at UberKinky HQ. Mick from E-Stim Systems paid us a visit to tell us all about the latest electro sex technology and to help train up our staff on the ins and outs of Electro Sex. While he was here we made sure to video the volumes of valuable information he had so that we could share this with you. So whether you're a complete electro sex newbie or a professional electro sex lover, we're sure you'll end up learning a thing or two! To get you feeling all charged up for learning, we're also giving away the best selling E-Stim Systems Series 1 Electro Sex Kit to one lucky winner. Are you ready to jump start your electro sex education?

Winners of the highly coveted ETO Award for Best Fetish Products Distributor in 2015 as well as being nominated for Best Fetish Products Distributor and Best Specialist Products Distributor in this year's ETO awards, E-Stim Systems makes top of the line electro sex toys that have been enjoyed by people all over the world. If you've got a question about electro sex you can rely on the information you get from the lovely people at E-Stim Systems. As a company they started in 2004 building their wares in a garage and have since built their electro sex empire with the ultimate in E-Stim technology. About 95% of their products are manufactured here in the UK in their state of the art Watford facility so they can keep a keen eye on the build quality of their products. Speaking of, did you know that E-Stim Systems provides a lifetime guarantee on many of their products?

Mick from E-Stim with Mistress Victoria Mick from E-Stim with Mistress Victoria

We sat down with Mick from E-Stim and asked him a few questions about electro sex from basic definitions to electrode placements for beginners and advanced players. He also walked us through basic electro sex safety and how to get the best out of your power box. We've even asked him the ever popular question of how to achieve the mysterious HFO or hands free orgasm! We've broken down this valuable information into these great videos for you to use and enjoy. It's great information for an absolute beginner and even the experienced might learn a thing or two.

This week when you spend over £30 on E-Stim System products we're going to include a free E-Stim Electrogel to enjoy with your new purchase. That's a savings of £10.99! This electro sex gel was specially formulated to provide you with optimum conductivity during your electro sessions AND it's safe to use internally! Does your electro sex gel say it's safe to use internally or have they left that bit out?

E-Stim have also graciously provided us with their popular E-Stim Systems Series 1 electro sex kit to give away to one lucky winner. This kit is the perfect set for anyone just starting out with electro sex and who wants a proper kit to get started. Many people buy what's cheap and have a bad experience leaving them thinking that electro sex just isn't for them. If you want your first time to be good then you definitely want to be using quality equipment.

Entering to win couldn't be easier. Get your entries in using the easy to use Rafflecopter widget. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. The question for the blog post answer is: Are you curious about electro sex or are you a regular user? Tell us about your favourite electro sex aspect or what you are interested in trying out if you win this all inclusive kit.

Any comments similar to 'Thanks for the give away' or 'Great give away' will not be permitted. Commenters leaving these naughty comments will be subject to a spanking administered by Mistress Victoria. Spankings are not a part of the prize package. Don't forget to enter daily!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a look at this YouTube playlist of all of our E-Stim Systems Invasion to top up your knowledge on electro sex. Don't forget to give our Beginner's Guide to Electro Sex a read as well!

19 thoughts on “It's an E-Stim Invasion! Enter to Win a Series 1 Electro Sex Kit”

  • RandomRedRose
    RandomRedRose May 16, 2016 at 12:05

    I'm not a regular estim user but I am so curious. I've used an isure touch to help strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and I absolutely love the tingly feeling and would love to incorporate that into our playing. I've looked up a few accessories but unless I win your fabulous competition (please don't disqualify me) I may have to wait for a long time to indulge.

  • Paul M

    My wife is curious about electro sex play. she wants me to get a buzz from it.

  • Le Captain

    Wow! I'm really eager to try that!

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    I'm curious. I have previously tried a milder version of electrostim that has only fuelled the fire for the need to try more - and this is a proper bit of kit!! I'd love to win as it gives me the perfect excuse to be able to buy more attachments :)

  • Kyle

    Mick sold me my first E-stim kit earlier this year and it's great, gives me a real buzz ;) Looking forward to further experimentation!

  • Martin

    I've tried electro-stimulation one time in combination with a chastity device and get an amazing orgasm - without beeing really hard. I'd like to expirence this more regular, so this E-Stim kit would be a fantastic opportunity.

  • IrishRose

    Wow this is one great giveaway! There are very few toys i haven't tried and this is one of them! Good luck everyone!!

  • IrishRose

    Great giveaway! Would love to trie this kit, I've never experienced anything like this before (thats saying something =P) Good luck to everyone

  • Maya Dinerstein
    Maya Dinerstein May 19, 2016 at 03:01

    I saw Midori present at the Pleasure Chest in LA all about electro sex and all the potential uses for an electro sex kit are super exciting!

  • Caitlin

    I've never tried electro sex but I'm very curious to. I like sensation play, and the idea of using electricity to add to the experience of sex sounds intense and amazing.

  • French T

    I'm sooooo curious about electro sex.

    I did not had the opportunity to try it. E-Stim products really seems great.

    Good luck Every-one !

  • Supercutesecret

    I am curious, but everything always seems too expensive, or you need to buy more than one thing, so this looks like a good beginners item

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  • Kev Blisse

    We've tried a little electric play ourselves at various events, would be lovely to have a kit to be able to explore the world of electric erotic stimulation ;)

  • Victoria Blisse

    I've tried a violet wand and some electro stim stuff in passing and I love the buzzy stuff. Oooh I'd love to own some!

  • Ck

    Great giveaway. Estim is something everyone needs to try at least once and a kit like this has lots of potential to grow and expand your collection. Good luck everyone!

  • Dread slaveg
    Dread slaveg May 23, 2016 at 22:12

    E-stim adds such a new level to Ds relationships and play that it should be explored :-) by all :-) it is a blast :-)

  • Ian

    If I win it will hopefully stimulate more exciting sex!!

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