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Enter to Win in our Attack of the Clone A Willy Give Away

Just in time to kick off Masturbation Month 2017 - We've got a giveaway that's simply out of this world. May the Fourth is Star Wars Day and in celebration we're giving away a Clone a Willy Kit to one lucky winner. If you're looking to have attack of an ultra lifelike clone of yourself, then you don't have to use The Force to win (although it might help your chances).

With the Clone a Willy kit you won't be casting your penis in carbonite just for Boba Fett to present to Jabba the Hutt. You'll create a mould of your your fleshy light saber in body safe materials then use the pots of silicone to create a lifelike replica of your penis with intricate detail. Even if 'Han shoots first' you can keep your imperial trooper in the fray and let him 'finish what you have started'. It's up to you if you want to jazz up the experience with swishy light sabre sound effects!

Clone A Willy Clone A Willy

With the Clone a Willy Kit, every feature of your penis will be perfectly cloned with intricate detail. Every vein and every ridge right down to the prominent ridge of your helmet. Add the included vibrator for added pleasure and excitement. Now you'll have an exact replica of your penis to use as you like. Give it to your partner to enjoy while you're away, give your partner some double penetration with you in a double role, or simply use your perfectly made clone on yourself for some anal adventures that would leave even Darth Vader himself breathless.

No need to time travel back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away to enter. Simply use the Rafflecopter widget to get your entries in. You can use the Tweet option daily to maximise your chances of winning. Be sure to read the instructions to the letter. This time around the question for the blog comment entry is: As May is Masturbation month tell us your favourite euphemism for masturbation. Bonus cool points if it's Star Wars related! Any comments similar to 'Thanks for the giveaway' or 'Great giveaway' will not be permitted; commenters leaving these naughty comments will be subject to a spanking administered by Mistress Victoria.

Contest is open worldwide and spankings are not part of the prize package. Competition closes on 08/05/2017 and a winner will be chosen at random.

And the winner is *drumroll* Julie B! Julie's just won a Clone a Willy moulding kit. Thanks everyone for playing, see you next time for yet another fantastic UberKinky giveaway.

UberKinky Clone Yours UberKinky Clone Yours

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