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  • Happy Birthday Mistress - Enter to Win a Leather Silicone Core Whip

    Happy Birthday to me! In celebration of yet another voyage around the sun here at UberKinky we prefer to give you the gifts! This time we've got something extra brutal that I have personally enjoyed on a number of occasions. This Leather Silicone Core Whip is a beast and that's just the way we like it here. Want to enter for your chance to win?

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  • Happy Birthday Jeff Goldblum! Enter to Win with our Seek and Find Giveaway

    Shhhhh! We've got a little secret! For one week only we're running one of our very popular Seek & Find Giveaways. In the past we've celebrated special occasions like movie release dates or celebrity birthdays like our Arnold Schwarzenegger Seek and Find. This week is no different, this time we're celebrating the birthday of the fantastic star or stage and screen - Jeff Goldblum. Get ready to get searching as this may be our most difficult Seek & Find yet!
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  • Enter to Win a Fist the Cook Apron from UberKinky

    Did you see our Second Annual UberKinky Bake Off? Even more importantly did you see the glorious UberKinky 'Fist the Cook' Apron I was wearing? Well so many people liked the devious design that we decided to put one aside for a very lucky winner. Now you can recreate the fun and games of the UberKinky Bake Off at home with your very own UberKinky Jeff apron!

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  • The Second Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off

    As if you haven't heard already, it's our 10th birthday this year and we're still pushing though our month long birthday bash! This month we've got great give-aways, fantastic discounts and we've even added a few items to every parcel to help 'sweeten' the deal. Yesterday was our second annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off and it certainly was hard work trying to determine who produced the best kinky confectionery. Now that we've washed it all down with a massive cuppa and we've recovered from our sugar induced comas we're happy to share with you the day's events.
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  • Enter to Win our Birthday Seek and Find Giveaway

    Time to bust out the bunting - we're another year older, another year wiser and another year kinkier. It's UberKinky's birthday this month and we're turning the big 10 this year! That's right, we've been out on the scene providing our customers with kinky products for an entire decade now. To celebrate this impressive milestone we're giving you the chance to win a very special prize with one of our popular Seek and Find Giveaways!

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  • Happy Birthday Arnie! Enter to Win our Latest Seek and Find Giveaway

    The 30th of July this year marks the 69th birthday of the terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger and to help celebrate we're holding yet another one of our popular Seek and Find Giveaways! The seven time Mr Olympia power-lifted his way into our hearts early on and over the years has become a legendary star of the silver screen. With great movie quotes like "I'll be back" and "Who is your daddy and what does he do?" Arnold Schwarzenegger is never far from our minds so to celebrate the birthday of this legend we're giving away a fabulous gift to one lucky winner. Are you ready to get searching?
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  • Happy Birthday Mistress - Enter to Win a Pink Leather Locking Restraints Kit

    It's my birthday today and to celebrate yet another fabulous trip around the sun I'm giving you the chance to win a very generous and wonderful gift specially chosen from the depths of my bottomless prize cupboard! This year I've picked out a pretty in pink five piece locking leather restraints kit worth £79.99. Usually for my birthday giveaways I pick a prize that I can personally recommend and enjoy. I use this very leather restraints kit in the black version for my own personal use so I know they are hard wearing during play and manufactured to an exceedingly high standard. So if you're ready to win this luxurious set for yourself then get ready to join in on the birthday celebration!

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  • Happy E.T. Day! Enter to Win our Latest Seek and Find Giveaway

    Released on June 11, 1982 by Universal Pictures, E.T was a film which warmed the hearts of young and old and to this day it remains a family favourite classic. Who knew this lovable tale of an alien and his by would go on to surpass Star Wars to become the highest grossing film of all time... until Jurassic Park came along of course. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the world debut of E.T The Extra-Terrestrial than with yet another great UberKinky Seek and Find Giveaway!
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  • Her Majesty's UberKinky Seek and Find

    Happy 90th Birthday, Ma'am! It's Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday today and we're celebrating in the only way we know how... UberKinky style! We've got our bunting hanging and our little 'street party' luncheon planned out back for everyone here at UberKinky HQ. While we're celebrating this joyous occasion we wanted to include our UberKinky fans in on the celebration with yet another fun filled seek and find contest!
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  • It's an UberKinky Spooktacular Giveaway

    Here at UberKinky we love Halloween. It's hands-down our favourite holiday... apart from birthdays of course. When it came down to planning out this month's activities we decided to mix in a few tricks in with the treats so here we have another great UberKinky give-away but it will take a little detective work on your part in order to get your entry in. Continue reading

  • The First Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off

    We've had a wonderful ninth birthday here at UberKinky HQ. We gave away a very lush restraints set, we gave our shoppers a massive 20% off discount, we raised money for charity and we have overindulged in the finest kinky edibles. We partied hearty and somehow still managed to get our work done (honest!). Now we would like to share the camaraderie and kinky consumables that were shared as we passed yet another milestone.
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  • UberKinky's Big Birthday Giveaway 2015

    We know this give-away is running a little late but with today's breaking news about a certain political leader and his piggy past blew up the internet we just couldn't resist. As you may already know it's our 9th birthday this year and the month long celebration is still going strong. What sort of goodies have we got in store for you this week?
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  • Name That Sex Toy - Round 4

    We're half way through our birthday celebrations here at UberKinky and once again it's time to Name That Sex Toy! Just like last time, we're keeping the answers private until tomorrow morning where I will pick a winner at random from all the correct answers. Now people who are at work all day or who simply missed out on playing can join in on the fun and get an equal chance. Fair enough? Good. Let's get on with the game then!
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  • Cara Sutra invades UberKinky!

    There is nothing wrong with your internets. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will take you on a journey. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your internets. You are about to participate in a fantastic adventure. What you are about to see is a documented account of an actual invasion. You are about to witness the true account of the day Cara Sutra invaded the erotic fortress that is UberKinky HQ to help kick off our month long birthday celebration.
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  • Celebrate Mistress Victoria's Birthday and Win a Tantus Prize Pack

    It's that time of year again. I get another year older and to celebrate I give one very lucky UberKinkster an extra special gift! This year is no different. I've assembled a bumper prize pack of the latest Tantus toys. It's a prize package worth well over £150! Are you ready to join in on the birthday celebration?

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