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Want to have fun with no strings attached? Don’t we all?! Well now it’s possible, with Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons! A natural alternative to synthetic sanitary products, Beppy tampons are soft, flexible sponges that are perfectly contoured to cover the cervix and provide protection for up to 8 hours. They are ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear, hygienic and string free; not to mention incredibly discreet. So, periods may be a pain, but now protecting against them needn’t be. You can even carry on being as naughty as ‘normal’, because playmates won’t feel a thing during sex. Except, of course, for that pure gratification you’re so well known for providing! There are two types of Beppy Soft Tampons; Wet and Dry. Wet contain lactagel and have a loop for easy removal, whereas Dry do not, and are therefore recommended for more experienced users. Based in the Netherlands, Beppy has become a pioneer for natural alternatives to synthetic tampons. Clean up your act and get some today!

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