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CB6000 Chastity Device


In stock

  1. Lightweight & Durable
  2. Air vents for supreme hygiene
  3. Designed for comfort
  4. Our best selling chastity device

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SKU: 9504

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The CB6000 is the latest male chastity device from the famous CB Range

The CB6000 is our best selling male chastity device. It features a new ring design which consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces encasing the penis in a lightweight and comfortable polycarbonate. Due to the bottom opening this chastity device can be used at urinals, the caged portion also has some extra slots for hygiene that allows for natural air drying. With the CB6000 you are buying the best male chastity device available and investing in the CB legacy of quality chastity devices for men.

We have been an authorised genuine CB Chastity Device supplier since 2005

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 9504
Brand AL Enterprises
Inner Diameter Cage: 3.5cm (1.37 inches)
Length Cage 8.3cm (3.25 inches)
Size The inner dimension of the cockrings are 1 ½ inches, 1 5/8 inches, 1 ¾ inches, 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches
Contents 1 Chastity Cage, 5 rings, 4 locking pins, 4 spacers, brass padlock & key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, Embossed CB-6000™
Colour Transparent
Material Polycarbonate

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Life changing
Review by Novice Domme posted on 26 April 2013
I was alerted to the concept of male chastity and this device by my willing and already compliant sub, and wow, what a concept. He finds it comfortable, discreet and manageable. I find it reassuring, horny as hell and the zone he goes into when we play is a place I could never get him to without this. Such a high for both of us. I am new to all this and keen that he doesn't think I am a soft touch so he is in for an initial period of 3 months orgasm denial and am not even sure I will allow him an erection in that time. I miss tasting him though and this doesn't allow any contact whatsoever so I am buying a cage device for occasional use. Just hoping I can get this off and get the cage on before he gets erect. Any tips? (He will be restrained)

I also checked re the padlock - apparently the keys are fairly unique so he can't get a replacement padlock and the key will fit. I have decided to replace the lock every couple of weeks anyway. Just so he knows I am a step ahead.
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Easy to use for First timers or Experienced users
Review by Housewife61968 posted on 18 April 2013
As the key holder and first time users we found this fun and easy to use. After giggling our way through finding the right spacers and ring my sub found it was comfortable & discrete to wear, both at work or even in the bath! Made of lightweight & durable material,simple & easy to clean too.
My sub did mention however that the metal lock if worn for more than 3 days can be slightly uncomfortable as it has a tendency to gently tap always in the same place. But, when we used the plastic locks the spacers became lose and he said was very uncomfortable and asked for the metal lock to be replaced! Plastic locks need to slightly bigger to fit better. All in all very happy keyholder & sub.
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Doesn't work
Review by Alehead posted on 21 July 2012
Fails to achieve it's primary purpose which is to keep you in chastity. I found it very easy to 'pull out' despite trying all the various ring and spacer combos available. I even invested in the KSD-G3 'anti-pull out' device, which also didn't work and was rather uncomfortable.

Avoid this product if you can, the best form of chastity device is just to behave yourself. ;)
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Close to perfect
Review by Snowy posted on 31 December 2012
By chance the correct ring size found first time. Comfort exceeded expectations, hardly know it is on. Night time is far easier than expected. My keyholder has removed my access rights to a key, apart from the one in a sealed box for emergencies only. I am told that for hygiene reasons the device will be removed, under restraint, every two to three days for cleaning and checking of private parts. Fun is to be entirely at my keyholder's whim. My challenge is to remain in chastity for a number of weeks. The number is to be equivalent to the number of the bonus of lotto bonus ball on 5 Jan 2013. The reward or forfeit is to remain a secret for the time being. I will keep you informed
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Well worth the perseverance.
Review by BiSub posted on 27 December 2012
After wearing the CB5000 on and off for a few months I decided to get this device for more permanent use. Opening the box is a very daunting experience, and the sheer number of choices available for ring and spacer sizes means that getting the correct fit is a time consuming experience. However once the correct for has been found this is a very comfortable device for permanent wearing. Would recommend this to anyone who is getting into the chastity scene.
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Review by Okay posted on 17 June 2013
I chose this device based on what others had said. Once I got used to putting it on, it was confortable, and did what it was intended to do. However, in due course, as some writers had warned, it started to split along the join. The worst was that it split in the night and trapped a small amount of penis skin in the crack. Very painful and sore. I did a get a replacement tube, but again in due course it split. So I won't be buying one of these again, and suggest you don't either. I cannot imagine the manufacturer is not aware of this defect in their product.
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Review by chaste_male posted on 8 November 2013
My new CB-6000 arrived at the weekend - only 24 hours after ordering. It arrived in stylish packaging with a discreet zip-up carry case - great for keeping all the 'rings and things' together.

The design encompasses the best points from each of the CB devices, whilst eliminating any drawbacks. It has 'C-shaped' rings and two 'closure' pieces that go across the top of the penis. The rings have a soft, rectangular - rather than circular - cross-section that seems to give both a more comfortable and secure fit than other chastity devices.

The guide pins face away from the body - instead of towards it, which also increases comfort. The locking pin has been given an elliptical - not circular - cross-section that prevents it rotating; and the pins and spacers have been manufactured to much tighter tolerances, allowing minimal movement and so a more 'snug' and secure fit.

The actual cage is slightly larger than on the CB-3000 and has been redesigned, with a more anatomically correct appearance. There are ventilation holes on the sides, rather than on top and underneath. Even the lock has been improved: given a matt-black plastic coating eliminating the embarrassing 'clinking' sounds you occasionally got at awkward moment with the brass models.

As the owner of a CB-3000, I found the CB-6000 very easy to get used to after the first couple of attempts at 'lining up' the guide pins and the two halves of the gate-closures. Once on, it is a very comfortable fit and I very quickly got to the I-almost-don't know it's-there feeling.
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Too small
Review by Morris posted on 2 September 2013
Difficult to get the largest ring around my balls , cock part is good, just very tight fit.
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Great product
Review by Horny as hell posted on 4 December 2013
Just received this product today and have put it is quite snug even on the largest ring but there is no way I would be able to escape. My wife will be very pleased! Not as discreet under my jeans as I hoped but not too noticeable.
Will continue with breaking it in...but so far so good after a couple of hours on. You definitely need the lube to put it on so nice addition to the kit. Will let you know how I get on as I get used to it.....feeling super horny already!
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Great control
Review by Mrs Julia posted on 5 October 2015
Got this on recommendation to control my sissy husband who enjoys wearing lingerie and to cuckold him now I'm in extra-marital relationship. Fits him very well and is totally restrictive, good hygiene being open sides and he is able to keep himself clean. The size is more than adequate as he's on the small size and he knows it. He has been gradually retrained starting with two days, then a long weekend, and then full week and more recently to his surprise he was kept in it for a further week while I went away on weeks holiday with my partner. The holiday and his further restriction was kept secret until the evening that he thought he was being released from already a weeks restriction and he was not released until we returned and he was made to hand wash all my dirty holiday lingerie in front of us both just wearing a tight black panty girdle over his cage, which was humiliation for him but a true pleasure for us. The cage worked wonderfully well while we were away and he made such a huge mess when I released him and he relived himself over his girdle. This is an expensive cage but it certainly worth every penny and he appears to be well controlled.
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)

Questions & Answers

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Question by: Andy on 14 Oct 2016 00:14:00
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I am around 5 inches when soft and have large testicles. Would this accommodate me as I'm sure if bought I wouldn't be able to return it?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 17 Oct 2016 14:05:00

You might be more comfortable in The Curve which is made by the same company. Testicle size doesn't matter as this is a ball trap design where the balls hang external to the device.

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