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CB6000S Package

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  1. Lightweight & Durable
  2. Air vents for supreme hygiene
  3. Shorter design for better fit
  4. Genuine CB6000s


The CB-6000S is exactly the same as the best-selling CB-6000

...but is specially designed to accommodate the smaller gentleman. Featuring a new flat u-ring for optimum comfort, and three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle to securely encase the penis inside the lightweight polycarbonate casing. For hygiene purposes the CB-6000S features slots and an opening at the bottom to allow urination and natural air drying.

UberKinky has been an authorised genuine CB Chastity Device supplier since 2005

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 80773
Brand AL Enterprises
Inner Diameter Cage: 3.5cm (1.4 inches)
Length Cage: 6.3cm (2.5 inches)
Size One Size
Contents 1 Chastity Cage, 5 rings, 4 locking pins, 4 spacers, brass padlock & key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, Embossed CB-6000™
Colour Transparent
Material Polycarbonate

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Excellent device for long term use Review by Tammy & Paul
Product Rating
Me and my girlfriend had previously tried the CB6000 but I found it too large to wear during everyday situations as when flaccid it proved rather uncomfortable and a wasted space. However the 's' size is much better, it's really appropriate for any size but its a nice snug fit that ensures when you wear it over the course of the day you're not left with a lot of empty plastic tube.

Being a beginner myself I was rather anxious as to how comfortable a chastity device would feel, but if you're like me, rest assured once its on there's nothing quite like it; exceptionally comfortable, since purchasing it I've managed to wear it for a solid week only removing for washing and it's very comfortable.

I do recommend to bring cotton buds with you and it comes with a fantastic discrete small of tube if you ever need to reposition.

Just excellent a device which has really reinvigorated our sex lives for the better. (Posted on 17 September 2013)
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CB6000s Review by Big Dave
Product Rating
if you are looking to buy a chastity device then this is the one once you get the right fit and every thing is snug and tight you wont even know you've got it on I got mine way back in March 2013 a present for being a bad boy yeah we all get caught and to be honest it has changed my life my wife took the keys and since then she has took it of only twice I am unable to get a full erection it is just to small the cage she says when I respect her and other women she might let me out to play a bit more often but not at least until march and that I should feel grateful I've been let free twice as I don't deserve that so this is deviantly one for long term wear truly awesome. (Posted on 24 November 2013)
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Best Yet! Review by Chris
Product Rating
This is definitely the best similar device I have tried so far! (I have tried quite a few of them). The problem with most is that they are a bit bulky, and show under clothing, and also that they are not secure. This one is small enough not to show, comfortable to wear, and best of all (when combined with a KSD G3) is almost 100% secure! (Posted on 28 September 2014)
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Really works Review by Shirts
Product Rating
Cannot touch myself for pleasure at all. Emasculating side effect is that I have to sit down to urinate. Totally beholden to my keyholder so I'm turned on 24/7 and can't do anything about it (Posted on 11 November 2012)
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The best device for adjustment. Review by Bassa
Product Rating
This device is very adjustable no matter what size you are! There are five different size rings and lots of different spacers. It took a little time but I eventually found the best fit and my wife clicked the lock shut! Once on and adjusted properly its very secure and not too uncomfortable.However you always know that you are wearing it!
She loved the device as it meant I had to sit down to pee, which was not always convenient. When we went shopping it was difficult. Most mens toilets have lots of urinals but very few stalls! I had to queue and took longer in the toilet than she did which had her very amused. " Now you know what women have to put up with".
The problem with the device ( In fact any device) is the fact that there is a brass lock on it.The inside is not brass and needs to be oiled. I found showering difficult due to the lock which I attempted to cover with a plastic bag. The plastic is easy to keep clean however.

I have to report however that after 10 days locked up I have abandoned the device and my wife agreed. ( She was worried about long term cleanliness)

There is nothing really wrong with the device at all. My problem is my life style. I play sport regularly and swim a lot and it is not compatible with wearing a chastity device. I enjoyed the experience for 10 days but long term chastity is not for me. (Posted on 25 January 2013)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Very good for first timers. Review by Nik
Product Rating
After talking about the subject of male chastity for a little while, my wife and I decide to take the plunge and try. The other reviews of this little baby convinced us it was the right cage to try as first timers. It looked like a good quality for a reasonable price. I'm happy to say we were not disappointed. The cage arrived in good time, discreetly packaged. You get a nice black zip case inside the box to hold your CB6000s, with the device and instructions inside. The pack also contains four numbered ziplocks and a very small bottle of lube.
The cage itself works by the use of interchangeable 3/4 rings,of varying sizes, that fit behind your cock and balls with a further piece including locking pins that completes the ring around you. The cage part then locks onto the pins, with a spacer helping to ensure a good fit. It does take a bit of time to get the right combination of ring,spacer and pins to ensure a good fit. Ultimately this will be a trade off between bein tight enough to ensure you can't get out and not shutting off the blood supply (not good at all). We found a combination that's nearly perfect, and I guess that unless you're very lucky you're going to have to settle for 'nearly perfect' too as its just not possible to fit everyone precisely without forking out a fortune for a custom-made device.
Once on, this is comfortable and I've had it on for 10 hours at a time with no problems, which I think is a good indication of the cage's suitability for even a novice.
Quality of he materials seems good, as is the build quality. My wife thinks it looks "pretty" when my cock is locked away in it babe certainly enjoys having the keys!!
The only tip I'd offer is to forget lube when putting it on. It's messy and causes he cage to slip around after you've put it on. The "stocking method" which is easy to find on the web and basically involves pulling your cock into the cage with a nylon stocking or similar is a much better way of putting this on, leaves you all the way inside and does away with messy lube.
All in all a very good device, for reasonable price and works very well. Not 5 stars as its not quite a perfect fit but its close enough to do the job. Great fun wearing it out in public under clothes too! I recommend it, and also excellent service from Uberkinky, very efficient and prompt. (Posted on 5 June 2013)
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LongTerm Review by Kevin
Product Rating
If you're flaccid size is under 3" not more, then this is the perfect chastity device for you. When I got it first thing I did was completely shave myself and applied baby oil especially where the locking ring goes on. Then finding the right spacer. Once on I had no problem wearing it for 3 days, then 7 days multiple times. Then one full month. You must sit to pee! I also found by looping a small rubber band around the lock and the outer surround portion of the tube, it quiets down brass lock from hitting the tube while walking around. My wife and I agreed no sex for the rest of 2013. Now I'm in my second month wearing it with intentions of taking it off first thing in the new year 2014. Believe it or not, I don't even know I'm wearing it unless I touch it as needed. (Posted on 10 November 2013)
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Great Beginners Device Review by Dan
Product Rating
I bought this device a while back now from Uberkinky. But I’m up real late, to the point where I’ve decided that I’m better off not even sleeping, and I was browsing the site so here I am.

As a device it is definitely geared up for complete beginners, which I was. There’s multiple testicle ring sizes and spacers (you’ll know what I mean by them when you see them) which is perfect for a newbie because over time, your testicles will start to hang lower, thus requiring you to change the sizing combinations you use to keep it snug and secure. If you started with another device, that didn’t give you these options, eventually you would have to buy a new device or it would most likely start falling off you.

The cage length is specified as 2.5 inches but when you also include the testicle ring at the back of it, the overall length of the device is closer to 3.5 inches. I would say, if you can fit in the small device then you should definitely buy that over the original. For some reason, the less room you have when you’re flaccid, the comfier the device is. Don’t worry about leaving growing room for erections.

How secure is the device? It’s the very reason you wear a chastity belt in the first place. In reality however, even if you optimise the device so that it fits you perfectly, with help from a little soap and warm water you’ll be able to slip your penis out of the cage very easily. This is the case for all chastity device like this though, and I wouldn’t let it put you off buying it.

I found keeping the device clean, whilst wearing it, a real pain. You can clean it fairly well in the shower but at some point during the day, you’re going to get some pee left in the cage. What I did, and what most chastity enthusiasts recommend, is to carry cotton buds around with you. They certainly help keep it clean, as you can fit them in the small air holes. But even with that, the device stinks when it eventually comes off. Still, it’s a great place to start.

The device is a little bulkier than you’d imagine. If you like wearing skinny jeans, there’s a good chance it will protrude through the jeans leaving an embarrassing bulge. Other devices, especially metal, beat the cb6000s in this department. As long as you wear normal jeans (etc) though you should be fine.

I couldn’t go to the gym wearing this device because if I were to lie down on the bench, it would have been very visible with a normal pair of shorts. Every chastity device I’ve ever worn though has done that. I could run relatively normally though.

In summary, you’ll have a great time with this device if you know what you’re buying. It isn’t the ultimate chastity belt, but it is a great first foot step on the ladder towards that. (Posted on 19 February 2014)
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
CB600s Review by manick
Product Rating
I tried the CB600 standard size and although I could fill the cage it was not as comfortable to wear and it got in the way as I walked .The Cb600s is easy to wear as it is shorter and turns out more comfortable still get to grips with sleeping in it as erections at night can not be controlled but I have worn it a few nights now and it is getting easier .I have tried a few other cages and this is probably the best of what I have tried so far . (Posted on 28 October 2014)
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