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CB6000S Package


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  1. Lightweight & Durable
  2. Air vents for supreme hygiene
  3. Shorter design for better fit
  4. Genuine CB6000s

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The CB-6000S is exactly the same as the best-selling CB-6000

...but is specially designed to accommodate the smaller gentleman. Featuring a new flat u-ring for optimum comfort, and three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle to securely encase the penis inside the lightweight polycarbonate casing. For hygiene purposes the CB-6000S features slots and an opening at the bottom to allow urination and natural air drying.

UberKinky has been an authorised genuine CB Chastity Device supplier since 2005

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 80773
Brand AL Enterprises
Inner Diameter Cage: 3.5cm (1.4 inches)
Length Cage: 6.3cm (2.5 inches)
Size One Size
Contents 1 Chastity Cage, 5 rings, 4 locking pins, 4 spacers, brass padlock & key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, Embossed CB-6000™
Colour Transparent
Material Polycarbonate

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Total : 19 Reviews
Excellent device for long term use
Review by Tammy & Paul posted on 17 September 2013
Me and my girlfriend had previously tried the CB6000 but I found it too large to wear during everyday situations as when flaccid it proved rather uncomfortable and a wasted space. However the 's' size is much better, it's really appropriate for any size but its a nice snug fit that ensures when you wear it over the course of the day you're not left with a lot of empty plastic tube.

Being a beginner myself I was rather anxious as to how comfortable a chastity device would feel, but if you're like me, rest assured once its on there's nothing quite like it; exceptionally comfortable, since purchasing it I've managed to wear it for a solid week only removing for washing and it's very comfortable.

I do recommend to bring cotton buds with you and it comes with a fantastic discrete small of tube if you ever need to reposition.

Just excellent a device which has really reinvigorated our sex lives for the better.
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Review by Big Dave posted on 24 November 2013
if you are looking to buy a chastity device then this is the one once you get the right fit and every thing is snug and tight you wont even know you've got it on I got mine way back in March 2013 a present for being a bad boy yeah we all get caught and to be honest it has changed my life my wife took the keys and since then she has took it of only twice I am unable to get a full erection it is just to small the cage she says when I respect her and other women she might let me out to play a bit more often but not at least until march and that I should feel grateful I've been let free twice as I don't deserve that so this is deviantly one for long term wear truly awesome.
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Best Yet!
Review by Chris posted on 28 September 2014
This is definitely the best similar device I have tried so far! (I have tried quite a few of them). The problem with most is that they are a bit bulky, and show under clothing, and also that they are not secure. This one is small enough not to show, comfortable to wear, and best of all (when combined with a KSD G3) is almost 100% secure!
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excellent product
Review by chasteslave posted on 16 April 2015
I have come to the conclusion that each of us is anatomically unique because I am able to wear this device extremely comfortably, carry out my work and gym routine with no issues at all. Also, I wonder if everyone fits this as securely as is required because after trying various other devices I can honestly say that this is the most secure I have worn. To escape this device I would have to cause painful and visible damage to myself which would be evident to my key holder, that is if I could escape at all. Maybe I am just fortunate in the sense that my genitals are proportionally suitable to this device and prevent escape. For long term use I find the tighter the fit the better and I've never ever had any issues with blood circulation in the 2 years I have been in chastity with this device. Hope this helps
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Maid Daisy Little Pecker now encased in the CB600s
Review by Brenda posted on 23 May 2015
Had my Male Maid Daisy purchase the CB600s plus the KSD and the Heart Shaped Silver Padlock over the phone as it was for his personal use, I normally order these items for him myself.

Been fitted to his little pecker for nearly two months now, started with the 3rd longest pin and spacer then after a couple of weeks changed to the 2nd shortest pin and spacer.

Complained that getting even a small erection was causing his litter pecker discomfort, after he complained a few more times I decided to fit the smallest pin and spacer, which will now cause more discomfort to his little pecker also make it a tighter fit all round as I have told him before these devices are not for comfort but are used for a specific purpose, and now it will not be removed for at least another two months when it will be time for another spring clean in that region.

The KSD have made it absolutely impossible for him to withdraw his Little Pecker out of the Cage.

The Heart Shaped Silver Padlock is just perfect for locking it into place.

Overall after trying out many other devices on him I can honestly say the CB600s is by far the best one I have found.
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one of the best, but not 100% perfect
Review by Stockz posted on 14 October 2015
This is my second chastity device, so I was quite comfortable with having it on and how it would feel etc.

At first when you open it, everything is nicely laid out and in bags and the assembly only takes 5 mins to understand - i found it easier to do a dry fit before hand - it saved fumbling around.

all the pieces are nice and feel high quality, the rings have rounded edges, the only thing for me is the join up the middle, it would be amazing if they could manage to produce it with out the seam.

the thing i struggled with most was the locking pin/spacer combination, you don't know if it's too short or too long until you've basically fully got it on, which for me takes a little while, not the biggest concern but for me and probably some other people this thing takes a little while to get on and comfortable.

if you are uncut, your best friend will soon become cotton buds, basically to help get into the little bits of the device where pinching can and probably will occur and for me that's the biggest problem the amount of pieces means there are a lot of places where you can pinch yourself if you're not careful, take it slow and you'll be fine.

Other than that I can't really fault it, I mean for the price which at first seemed a little steep you really do get what you pay for, my other one, a stainless steel piece I bought from here only a few months before I bought this was incredibly uncomfortable and really could only be worn for short periods.

This comes with lots of options for basically any combination of junk, on the smallest setting it's very snug and isn't noticeable underneath skinny jeans. I can't speak for the larger spacers that would make the fit bigger however so mileage may vary on that one.

I've seen a lot of people on various sites saying to put the thing on in or just out of the shower, I'd say not to do that because it creates a lot of condensation and will probably irritate skin, try it when you are nice and warm and dry, it will be far easier.

This device once on and you have all the right settings for you, is extremely comfortable, you can tell they designed this thing to be on for a long time, so be aware of that.

I don't think ill be replacing this for another model any time soon and if i do, it will be for the steel version of the same one, definitely a solid buy.
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Perfect chastity device
Review by M posted on 29 October 2015
I bought a CB6000s a few years back but sadly the main casing snapped during a house move (I wasn't wearing it at that time) and tried the Birdlocked Mini but found the CB6000s to be the better of the two. Fitting the CB6000s is easy and very quick, yet it is secure and prevents me from getting erect and is secure for my needs. The different rings and spacers allow for a perfect fit, which can be easily modified. Moments after putting my new CB6000s on, I went out to the supermarket and was concealed under clothing.

I'd also recommend UberKinky for providing the genuine CB device in the UK and it came discreetly in a small brown box.
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This has changed my life
Review by wolgrub posted on 11 December 2015
It's been a few years since I've seen my testicles but that all changed yesterday. The CB6000S has completely rejuvenated me! This device has brought my body back to the (my) 30s. I can hardly believe it!!

I am so sad this didn't exist during my clubbing years I would have been the baddest sub around. I might have thought I was past it but this little baby has given me a whole new lease on my sexuality.

Many, many stars!!
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Amazing product, with no way out.
Review by Poppys24 posted on 1 January 2016
When my partner suggested I pay £100 for something to prevent me getting erect, able to play with myself or have sex, I thought she'd lost the plot. I agreed though as she's done many a thing for me.
The first time I put it on was a bit of a challenge as she'd read that the small felt better and more secure, I'm not the smallest and thought I'd never fit inside it. Anyway after a while I was in, right spacers selected and ring, then she snapped the lock shut. We agreed 24 hours before release. I have to say that although mental it was a challenge, physically is was a breeze, until I got my morning erection which although painful was a turn on. I was in bed trying to think of anything but was going on.
I can now wear this for a week now, by day two I'm climbing the walls in frustration, helped by my partners sinister teasing.
I know everyone's different but I find it hard on other reviews how anyone can slip out of it. I've tried so many times in despair but unless you have the keys to the lock there is no chance in escape.
Cleaning yourself is tricky but I guess it's part of the humiliation as is sitting for a wee. I wouldn't recommend standing because you have no real control.
The only other thing I should mention is the dribbling, I'm a very active sexual guy and by the time the first day is over I start to dribble precum for most of the time in the device and can get messy.
I love this product now, love the reaction from my partner and the way it builds up frustration. We are trying to push for 2 weeks now, this will be tough but once it's on I won't have a say.
So if you're debating on whether or not to buy this, I'd say just go for it, it's a unique feeling.
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Review by Sub posted on 4 January 2016
Fast delivery and the product it self is top quality and fits perfect. Once on you don't even know it's there and fits good under clothing for everyday use
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