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Chastity Devices

Want BDSM play that’s below the belt? Well, whether you crave sadistic/submissive satisfaction, salacious sex play, or simply want to enhance your relationship, chastity holds the key! We offer the largest and most unique selection of male and female chastity devices in the UK and our range boasts the biggest name brands currently available; CB, Birdlocked and BON4 to name but a few. Made from the finest materials, with maximum security and gratification in mind, you’ll find something that really piques your interest, whether you’re a lifer or you simply like to play at it. So, get a load of orgasm tease and denial and unlock all new feelings of anticipation, with a device from our collection!

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Male Chastity Devices - The Ultimate Submission

The perfect combination of punishment and pleasure! Hand over the keys to your gratification for the ultimate in submission and power exchange. Be at the mercy of your Keyholder for teasing and punishment as they deem fit and, if you’re lucky, you may just be granted that ultimate release!

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Not convinced by chastity? Think handing over the keys to your prized possession is completely crazy? Find out why every man should give it a try today!