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Chastity Devices

Keep your love under lock and key with one of our chastity devices. We're the UK’s male chastity headquarters, with the biggest range of male and female chastity devices available. We have everything from beginner’s male chastity devices, through to more extreme chastity devices and everything in between. Hand over the key and heighten your desire…

Male Chastity - The Ultimate Submission

We’ve got the biggest and best range of male chastity devices from all the top brands in male chastity, including Birdlocked, BON4 and CB6000. Who are you going to give the keys to?

  1. Medieval look hammered steel construction
  2. Discrete enough to wear under your clothes
  3. Hole at the bottom for urination or to let soapy water out as you wash
  4. Locks with a hex screw, for further security you can attach a padlock

  1. For exreme lockdown
  2. Comes with removable through hole penis plug
  3. No padlocks!
  4. Two specialised keys for operating the locking screws

  1. Updated version in body safe stainless steel
  2. Spiral design allows you to see inside
  3. Lightweight design
  4. Comes with three cock rings

  1. Same great Bon4 quality now in stainless steel
  2. Vented build for maximum airflow
  3. Open end for ease of urination
  4. Comes with four hinged rings for the perfect fit

  1. Lightweight & Durable
  2. Designed for comfort and hygiene
  3. Made from an extremely durable polycarbonate material
  4. A Chastity play best seller!

Chastity Cages - Cage Your Desire

There’s no way of escaping one of our chastity cages. Designed to be undetectable under clothes, yet keep everything under lock and key, a chastity cage is the perfect way to make sure he’s always well behaved.

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Chastity Tubes

The secure way to keep his manhood on lock down. Designed to be comfortable for long term wear, there’s no getting out without the key.

Chastity Belts

Take chastity to the next level with our great range of chastity belts. A chastity belt can be worn by either men or women and are undetectable under clothes.

Female Chastity

Surrender your pleasure with one of our female chastity belts. Designed to be comfortable for long term wear, our female chastity devices are discreet and there’s no getting out without the keys.