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Electro Sex


Beginners Guide To Electro Sex

Want to really shock your playmate? We’re talking physically! Well for all the information you need to get started with your electrifying endeavour, check out our UberKinky guide. You’ll be feeling fully charged and raring to go in no time!

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Erotic electrostimulation is the use of electrical stimulation to enhance sexual pleasure. When used on sensitive tissue, such as the genitals, a gentle tickle from a violet wand or specially designed electro sex TENS or EMS machine can send electrifying waves of sexual gratification through the body.
An electro sex machine can really jump start lovemaking and electrify the eroticism in autoeroticism. Open up to the electrosex world with one of our all-inclusive electro sex kits or add more equipment to your existing collection with our insertables, cock and ball attachments or any of our other electro sex accessories.

Electro Sex Kits - Prepare To Be Shocked

Get everything you need to get you started in the electrifying world of electro sex kits. Choose from our elite range of powerful electronic power boxes designed for the ultimate in erotic electro sex stimulation.

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Violet Wands - Stimulating In So Many Ways

Add a seductive spark to your bedroom or dungeon with a violet wand. We stock one of the widest ranges of violet wands and violet wand accessories in the UK so no matter what you’re into, we’re certain we’ve got something you’ll love.

Electro Sex Insertables - Let The Electricity Penetrate You

Pad out your collection of electro sex gear with some of our shocking electro sex insertables! Choose from dildos, urethral sounds, penis plugs and butt plugs in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to pick up a specially designed electro gel for increased conductivity and pleasure

Electrosex Accessories - Don't Forget Your Accessories

Want to experience everything electrosex has to offer? Our range of electrosex accessories will stimulate you in innovative new ways

Electrosex Cock & Ball Toys - Give Your Cock an Electric Shock

Ever had an orgasm without touching yourself? Using electrosex urethral sounds, cock plugs and cock rings will help. You'll be done in no time with our electrosex cock and ball sex toys and accessories!