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6 Reasons You Should Try Penis Pumps

Don’t get penis pumps? Think it’s not the size, but what you do with it that counts? Well, we’re all for airing opinions, but even those that are hung like a horse will want to big up these deviant devices, and here are 6 UberKinky reasons why;

Penis Pumps - Heightened Sensitivity

Men can be sensitive too...

A little sensitive when it comes to your sausage? Well, trust us; sensitivity can certainly be a good thing! Pumping increases blood flow to your best bit, thereby making it all the more susceptible to every tantalising touch, supreme stroke or luscious lick. The increased circulation causes the skin of the penis to feel warm and tingly, but also ensures that every sensation is magnified, for unrivalled intensity. Here at UberKinky we like to take advantage of it by taking a pinwheel for a quick spin. We promise you’ll never ‘tyre’ of it!

OMG it is amazing. The pleasure after was brilliant for us and something different. Doc Johnson Mighty Man Trigger Penis Pump - Calvenest

Penis Pumps - Sensational Suction

You’ll be a sucker for that sweet sensation...

Don’t be a sucker; nothing compares to the sweet sensation of a penis pump! Deep throating with a difference, the pump draws all of the air out of the cylinder so that your manhood receives a mischievous massage. In addition to the unique sensation felt as the penis expands, it delivers what feels like most incredible blow job known to man. So, be prepared to blow your load within seconds. Use on its own, or as foreplay when there’s simply no time to waste. Now... suck on that!

Imagine the best blow job EVER... that’s how it feels!

Penis Pumps - Size Matters

Dream big; expand mind and penis...

Size matters... FACT! So get ready to turn those big dreams into a reality, because you’ll be living it large when you pump up your penis. When the air pressure is decreased in the pumping cylinder a void/vacuum is created. In order to fill this void, the penis expands. The expansion will continue whether the pressure is increased or not. When removed your manhood is maximised and ready for action. So prepare to go deeper than ever and provide gratification like never before. The benefits really are sizable!

It's great! It had me packing the tube first go - 100% meat cylinder - and a massive handful to play with afterwards. Doc Johnson Mighty Man Trigger Penis Pump - Meathand

Penis Pumps - Prolonged Pleasure

A powerful, long lasting and uplifting experience...

Want an uplifting experience? Pumping the penis encourages extra blood to fill up the tissue. This results in a fuller, more powerful and longer lasting erection. That means you’ll have greater stamina and be able to put in the performance of a lifetime. Additionally, achieving an erection is much easier, whether you suffer with erectile dysfunction, or you’re simply having a little trouble getting in the mood recently. On top of all that, orgasms are prolonged and much more intense. So, you’ll have a hard time finding anything better!

Has you hard within seconds. I’m talking really hard. Plus, it keeps you that way for longer so you can really give them a good pounding!

Penis Pumps - Lifted Libido

Turbo-charge your sex life and it will drive you wild...

Trust us; it will drive you wild! A penis pump increases blood flow to your best bits. Over time this can result in an increased libido. There are many reasons why we men suffer with a lack of libido, whether it’s low mood, stress or nutritional deficiencies. But by increasing blood flow to the nether regions, your body will automatically become more easily aroused, which is certain to steer your sex drive back in the right direction. So why not turbo-charge your sex life and enjoy play that’s never been better?

Sex is so much better after pumping. My big, swollen cock can reach deeper than ever and the sensations are that much more intense.

Penis Pumps - Health Benefits

Healthy living with a deviant difference...

Forget your 5 a day; this is a much more enjoyable way of keeping yourself healthy! Regular use of a penis pump improves oxygenation of penile tissues, enhances blood flow and prevents formation of cavernosal fibrosis, all of which can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. It can also act as a temporary solution (by enabling an erection) for those that have poor blood flow, diabetes, anxiety/depression, or that have had prostate surgery or colon cancer. It puts an all new twist on healthy living!

Good, very very good!

Doc Johnson Mighty Man Trigger Penis Pump - Gu

See, we’re not full of hot air! Penis pumps promise sizeable benefits for all men. Turning big dreams into a reality, they not only enhance sexual satisfaction, they deliver unique sensations, provide numerous health benefits, increase libido and generally promise a swell time!

Which Penis Pump
Should I Choose?

So, you’re feeling pretty pumped, but choosing the right toy is sucking all of the fun out of it? Here are the UberKinky beginner recommendations;

Bathmate Hercules Hydro Therapy Penis Pump

1. Bathmate Hercules Hydro Therapy Penis Pump

A real hero when it comes to penis pumps; this innovative system is brought to us by the creative minds at Bathmate. Using warm water, it stimulates blood flow and circulation to your manhood, giving it a thorough workout. Providing longer, harder and more fulfilling erections, the penis pump also increases size and sensitivity. You’ll really worship this supreme sucking device! Bathmate Hercules Hydro Therapy Penis Pump

LA Pump Elliptical Penis Pump

2. LA Pump Elliptical Penis Pump

Flame polished and diamond cut, this elliptical cylinder is a real gem! Hand crafted from top quality polycarbonate, it is both ergonomic and extremely comfortable. Branded as the most anatomically correct cylinder currently available, it also has a built in quick connect safety valve in order to maintain the vacuum even after the pump is removed. Choose between 2 different cylinder diameters and purchase with or without the LA Pump Deluxe Pump. Come on, it’s time to act on your instincts! LA Pump Elliptical Penis Pump

Dr Joel Kaplan Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump

3. Dr Joel Kaplan Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump

Just what the doctor ordered! The most powerful and advanced penis pump currently available, this device delivers an even flow of pressure and features a variable pulsation mode. Increasing blood flow to your best bit, it heightens sensitivity, increases size and keeps your erection stronger for longer. Additionally, the gauge allows for pressure to be easily monitored. You’ll be shocked at just how good it makes you feel! Dr Joel Kaplan Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump

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