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Master Series Captive Male Confinement Chastity Cage

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  1. Lightweight ABS plastic construction
  2. Comes with four hinged cock rings
  3. Removable urethral spout
  4. Fastens easily and quickly with just a flat head screwdriver
  5. Comfortable, durable & secure

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SKU: 92393


Want solitary confinement for your sausage? Let the Master Series Captive Male Confinement Chastity Cage put you on total lockdown!

If you’re looking for a lightweight male chastity solution, look no further. The Master Series Captive Male Confinement Chastity Cage is made from lightweight ABS plastic, making it extremely comfortable to wear while still providing maximum security. This chastity device utilises tiny screws rather than a padlock to keep it closed, so be sure to hide the tool box! Take it up to the next level and attach the included hollow urethral spout for a bit of fun.

In your kit you will find the chastity cage, the urethral spot, extra screws and four hinged cock rings which graduate in size from 1.65 inches to 2 inches in diameter. Please note that this is a spout, not a penis plug. The spout attaches to the outside of the chastity device.

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SKU / Product Code 92393
Brand Master Series

Master Series Captive Male Confinement Chastity Cage Reviews

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Total : 3 Reviews
I'd avoid it (wish I had)
Review by art4bucks posted on 8 December 2014
Pro: lightweight
comes with various sized rings
easily modified

Con: Finish is VERY POOR,
numerous sharp edges
awkward as hell to put on (better have help)
Can't use a padlock
stock screws are not at all secure(Slotted head, Really ?)

I ended up spending a couple of hours with an emery board, getting rid of all the moulding flash, which is sharp as hell. Also changed out screws for tamper resistant Torx.

I don't much care for hinged A rings anyhow (they bite) and this was no exception - even with rubber tubing around hinge, the top pinched painfully.

All in all, I'd give this a miss.
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Be Brave!
Review by Paul posted on 10 June 2013
This is a good chastity device having tried a few before. Ok if you carry a small screwdriver around with you then yes you can get out of it. However in my experience if you want to get out of any chastity device, if you really want to you can.

So down to it. i am a grower not a shower so the size is pretty good. I am about 3 inches when soft so its a nice snug fit. The spout which is provided scared me a bit initially but once i had a few beers and got brave with a bit of lube fitted easily and feels great. Haven't had a hard on yet so that is to cum, but initial impression is that it is a good purchase. may get back to you with my overnight and hard on evaluation. Wish me luck!
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Average device at a decent price
Review by James posted on 19 October 2016
I recently ordered this device at the discounted price (£44.99), as I felt it was cheap enough that it would be worthwhile taking the plunge. Honestly, when considering the price I'm not too disappointed with the device.

As another user has mentioned, the finish isn't great on some of the edges. Now, don't get me wrong, it's certainly not razor sharp, and the plastic has been de-burred so there's no rags etc... left, but the device would have been improved had a small radius been applied to every edge to prevent such sharp edges. I've not taken the time to round these edges as, for me at least, it's not all that bad, plus the device is a tad big for me so it's only when I'm aroused it'd be any trouble.

As for security, yes, a plain headed screw isn't exactly the most secure of locks. Personally, I'm not interested in escaping a device once it's on, although the longest stint I've had locked up is about 2 and a half weeks so perhaps in a more long term scenario I'd be tempted to unlock myself. This can be somewhat rectified by purchasing a small torx head screw as another user has mentioned, due to torx drivers being much less common.

The sizes listed against the device are accurate, so far as I can tell. Realistically I need around about a 2.5" cage length, so this is a bit on the big side for me. I found the diameter of the cage was very large for my member, so perhaps my experience of the overall feel of the device may not match others, but the device is comfortable and light when on. I haven't worn it much in public but as with most devices it produces a fairly obvious bulge dependant on your choice of trousers. A bonus is the fact that there's no padlock to worry about clinking around. This was the first device I had that used a screw rather than a padlock, and I've got to say this was my favourite thing about the device. There's just something that feels much more permanent about having a screw tightened in place rather than just placing a padlock on, and I'll definitely be looking out for this in other devices from now on.

Overall, I'd say this is an OK device which, whilst it has it's problems, I could probably recommend should it be available at a reduced price. I'd have been unhappy with my purchase if I'd paid full price. However, wearing this device made me realise how much I prefer stainless steel devices, for everything from the overall feel to the slight weight they add.
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Questions & Answers

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Question by: nitram on 29 Jun 2014 12:20:44
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has anyone worn one of these through airport style scanners. do the screws affect the scanner
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 29 Jun 2014 12:20:44

Yes, the screws and the penis plug could be picked up by the metal detectors at the airport. If you're travelling and would rather keep your chastity a secret from airport security, we would recommend a CB6000 with a plastic tamper evident lock.

Hope this helps!

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