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Medical Play

Medical play is a real favourite here at UberKinky and we have a huge range of medical play toys to let you indulge each and every one of your medical play fantasies. Our medical play range includes everything from penis plugs and douches, to speculums and urethral sounds and is sure to raise your temperature and leave you begging nurse for more!

Penis Plugs

Have you ever tried stimulating from the inside out? Our range of penis plugs lets you take your orgasm to whole new heights – with plugs to please every man, we’ve got the UK’s biggest range of penis plugs and offer a great beginner’s guide and penis plug advice too.

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Urethral Sounds

As the UK’s leading urethral sound experts, you’re in good hands with us. Perfect for both men and women, urethral stretching takes sensation to a new level. Our range includes plain and ribbed urethral sounds, and you can even add vibration too.

  1. Ideal to use with all penis plugs & urethral sounds
  2. Rich water-based
  3. Facilitates ease of insertion
  4. Great flip-cap bottle for one handed application

  1. Ideal for beginners
  2. Flat end for ease of control
  3. Body Friendly Stainless Steel
  4. 14 different sizes to choose from

  1. Ribbed to create intense stimulation
  2. Smaller tip to allow for easy insertion
  3. Body Friendly Stainless Steel
  4. Comes in four diameters

  1. Comes in 7 different sizes
  2. Body safe rubber
  3. Essential water sports equipment
  4. Affordable in price


Take your love to a new depth with our medical play speculums. A must for all medical play enthusiasts, our range includes anal speculums, vaginal speculums, an equine speculum and more.

Enemas & Douching

Perfect preparation for anal play – douching is the ideal way to get clean and hygienic before anal sex, fisting and more. Our range of enemas and douches includes portable douches and shower enemas for a proper clean from the inside out!

  1. Vaginal and anal spout
  2. Plastic suction cup to mount to a smooth surface securely
  3. 2 Litre capacity
  4. Durable, compact and easy to use

  1. Easy to use
  2. Comes with a bulbous tip and a catheter tip
  3. Splash shield
  4. Shoots lube exactly where you want it

  1. Super flexible hose adjusts to your internal curves
  2. Fits all standard ½ inch threaded shower hoses
  3. Comes in four sizes to fit your douching needs
  4. Body safe, non-toxic and dishwasher safe

  1. Shaft delivers fluid quickly and easily
  2. Comes with spout & syringe
  3. Easy squeeze bulb
  4. Durable and compact

BDSM Sensation Play

Tease, tantalise and torture with our sensation play toys. Just add a blindfold to heighten their senses, then why not try a Wartenberg wheel, wax play or something else… the only limit is your imagination.

Vacuum Pumps

Get harder, stronger and bigger with a vacuum pump. Our vacuum pumps are available for both him and her to increase sensation and heighten pleasure. Our range includes vulva pumps, penis pumps, clitoral pumps and more.