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MEO 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

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  1. Specially engineered to stay in place
  2. Great for long term anal training sessions
  3. High-grade aluminium alloy
  4. We also sell the closing plugs for the 24/7 Anal Stretching Rings


Looking for some elite high quality anal training? These 24/7 Anal Stretching Rings from Meo are the specialist equipment you're looking for

Anal stretching in style! Start off small and work your way up with the Meo 24/7 Anal Stretching rings. The high polish finish is silky smooth to the touch and makes anal insertion comfortable and easy. Each anal stretching ring is specially engineered to stay in place and features a safety hilt so it won't get lost. These anal stretching rings keep your anal passage open. They're perfect for longer term anal training or for using your anus as a receptacle for liquids or objects.

These 24/7 Anal Stretching Rings from Meo are made in Germany from high-grade aluminium alloy and precision formed using a computer controlled manufacturing method. We also sell the closing plugs for the 24/7 Anal Stretching Rings to keep your back passage from catching a draft or keeping fluids in.

Size Chart:

Size Internal Diameter Small External Diameter Large External Diameter Length
25mm 40mm 75mm
35mm 50mm 80mm
45mm 60mm 85mm
55mm 70mm 90mm
65mm 80mm 95mm

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 91773
Brand MEO
Circumference 7.85cm
Insertable Length 7.5
Length See description
Overall Diameter 2.5
Size X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Does Not Include Meo 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring Closing Plug (sold separately, search for 91772)
Colour Black
Material Metal

Questions about the MEO 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

I want to stretch my butt hole to 4inch.will the small set get me to that size.or do I need the medium one.and how many do I get.
Not got mine yet, just a comment to go with reviews: and hope u are ok w me saying this (as am seriously clicking the mental 'like' button on): but u lot must have some seriously BIG butts !

I've worked out circumference for each, which makes the L & XL come to 8.8" & 10.1" respectively. And there's No way I could get an 8" girth dildo in, never mind 8.8" (which is almost 9"); tho I suppose these plugs cld change all that. But at the moment, my 'comfort zone' is around 7.5" girth Max; which is abt size of the M. So that's my limit (for time being)
Iv read in the comments that people are using these to become incontinent, I don't want that result I just want a plug unlike what I already own will this be ok for occasional play or is it going to cause lasting damage?
Hello, is it just one piece ring or is it a kit with all size rings?? Thank you.
Just a note abt prev. comment for thread (in case any1's now thinking of me as complete beginner):

And that is I have managed an 8" girth dildo before, but Not all way in. (However got more length in than length of these plugs).

And my record is 9.5" girth: but that had a bit of give to it.

Tho my height is only 5'4", so there's probably huge proportionate size difference with people on this site (note most of the names are male)
will you ever make a 75mm anal stretching ring
The 80 mm is just to big for most of us

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Meo 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring Review by Dp
Product Rating
This is a fantastic product for permanent anal stretching. High quality metal (warm it up first!) and smooth for easy insertion. I have now managed to take the XL after a few hours prep and the results are amazing. The large hole through the middle prevents build up which normaly forces you to remove a plug so you can wear it for hours on end and the "open" fealing of the anus is a real turn on. The results of wearing such a large plug all day or all night for days on end are amazing. It has left my anal muscles permanently stretched to the size of the plug and seriously floppy! I will continue to wear this wonderful device to make sure I can never close again. If you want to have a permanently ruined and floppy hole, this is the perfect trainer. Buy it now! (Posted on 8 June 2012)
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(67 of 69 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Review by Mr&mrs
Product Rating
Tried this out on the wife (size small) she moaned it hurt abit going inn, but once in its looked fantastic, felt brilliant for her and me if you like to try things try this out it's a must! (Posted on 2 July 2012)
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(15 of 20 people found this review helpful)
Meo anal stretching ring Review by Hole
Product Rating
This product is amazing i am about to move up to the xl i can now get the large in without lube the open anal feeling i fantastic i highly recomend this product for asshole stretching (Posted on 11 July 2012)
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(20 of 22 people found this review helpful)
Ass stretching Review by Mr&mrs
Product Rating
I brought the next size up (medium) and the wife loves it. She says she feels like a new women. (Posted on 1 September 2012)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
24/7 anal control Review by James
Product Rating
Started off with a size M for general play and a S for overnight plus closing plugs and nappies. Moved up to the L and well it's large leaves my ass gaped for hours after removal and is wide enough to insert a double dong up the middle for depth play excellent shall be moving on to the XXL soon.

As other reviewers have pointed out these are serious toys in size and you need a large ass to contain even the smallest which is about the width of a normal "large" buttplug. Truly excellent for 24/7 stretching. (Posted on 15 May 2013)
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(9 of 10 people found this review helpful)
I've ruined my hole in two months! Review by goatse 2.0
Product Rating
Amazing. These are the best butt plugs I've ever bought. These plugs really do what the name suggests and will stretch you out quite quickly. In two months I've gone from medium to the XL and now when I pull the XL out my hole gapes like goatse. It's also amazing how quickly my hold opens up on its own now because of these stretching rings.

These plugs are heavier than you'd expect and the weight will make your sphincter work hard to hold it in when you're standing up, and especially if you're squatting down. I've had a few instances where they've just fallen out because of the weight.

When you get used to the size they become really quite comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. Sitting on the medium and large is no big deal for me, but the XL is still a challenge to sit on. I can wear the medium and large ones for extended periods during the day and night and it's easy to forget they're there. Hopefully I'll be able to live with the XL in for long periods of time with a bit more practice.

The larger sizes can be painful to get in the first few times and they really need to be well lubed, especially when you're struggling the first dozen times. A mix of silicone-based lube and KY has worked really well for me. The more lube the better.

I found that it's easiest to get them in while squatting and pushing down like I'm trying to poop, while simultaneously pushing it in with my fingers. Over time though you'll just learn to relax and will be able to push even the largest ones in without much resistance. It can hurt a little at first and be really intense, but well worth it. The first time I played with the L and XL, it took a few hours to get them in and I could only keep them in for a few seconds, but over time it gets so much easier and not painful at all. Pay attention to what your body is saying to you though because these really are big toys!

Just be warned that if you've not got the closing plug in you will poop unexpectedly and uncontrollably. The larger the plug, the more can come out. With the closing plug in, the centre of the plug can fill up with poop. Sometimes, however, the closing plug will just slide out on its own especially if it's come in contact with any lube. This isn't a toy you can wear unless you're comfortable dealing with poop.

Overall, these are amazing toys and will mercilessly hold you open for as long as you want. The only thing I wish is that there were an XXL version; the XL is getting too easy now. (Posted on 20 May 2013)
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(39 of 39 people found this review helpful)
Medium to Large - what a difference Review by Mark
Product Rating
Bought the medium size a couple of weeks ago which I found fairly easy to insert, even without any preparation so thought I'd step up to the large size.

Heck - what an enormous difference. Even for someone who is used to taking a fist from time to time, and even after 'warming up', I found this almost impossible to insert. I guess the fact that its solid (no 'give') probably makes the difference between this and a fist.

Felt good once finally got it in though, but as my first attempt I didn't keep it in for more then a minute or two - scared I would tense and not be able to get it back out!

I'll certainly persevere - hopefully it should get easier.

Just a gentle warning - the difference between the sizes is significant in circumference. They could do with making intermediate sizes! (Posted on 12 June 2013)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Great anal strech Review by Don m love it
Product Rating
I started with a small, and quickly went with the med one. It is quite bigger than the small one, but it did not take to long to get used to the med one. I can wear it long term now, it leaves my hole wanting more when I take it out. What a strange feeling. I have since ordered the large so I will post about it when I get it and try to master it. These rings are a great product if you want to stretch your anal muscles. (Posted on 11 July 2013)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
fantastic Review by babyboy
Product Rating
I wanted to become bowel info as am already bladder info through intended surgery. I started with the small. A week later daddy put the medium in me with no warning and I cried but it was lovely too. With out the closer I had little pops in my pants. After 10 days it was inserted 24/7 for two weeks. Followed by the same time with the big one. When daddy changed my nappy one day, it just fell out and my hole stayed wide open. I didn't know he put his hand into me! Daddy made me squat onto the extra large one. It made me cry but when it went in it felt lovely. I had to keep swapping from large to extra large for a week to get used to it. After two weeks I managed to sleep through the night with it in.
Daddy and I was very pleased. Altogether over 4months my hole no longer closes up and I have to stay in my nappies and plastic pants all the time
I am amazed at how easy it was to do this.
Loads of good lube, patience, and practice.
I also pleased I just poo all day long every day.
I even have adult baby swim nappies too with ducks on them.
Thank you
Great fantastic products
AMAZINGLY LIFE CHANGING (Posted on 1 August 2013)
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(17 of 23 people found this review helpful)
Excellent product you may need to start off small !! Review by BB
Product Rating
New to anal stretching bought the medium but it was to large to use comfortably. Ordered a small and have been using 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Today the Medium went in without forcing so now looking to order a large. There is a big step up between sizes so plenty of lube and patience is called for. Worn with no bung and a catheter inserted it's back to baby days and full nappies all the way. Excellent quality, easy to clean these are a challenge but well worth the money. (Posted on 14 August 2013)
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(11 of 14 people found this review helpful)

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