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Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Electro Sex Chastity Device

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  1. Electro sex and chastity play combined!
  2. Use with or without the electro sex electrodes
  3. Can be used with any electro sex power box with 2mm connection lead wires
  4. Adjustable handcuff style hinged cock ring – between 33mm & 52mm inner dia
  5. Crafted from lightweight yet durable polycarbonate

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Electrify your chastity sentence with the Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Chastity Device! This stylish looking transparent cage chastity device may look harmless enough but it’s got a bite like you won’t believe! The lightweight polycarbonate Pubic Enemy No 1 comes with two removable silicone electrodes to help tease and torture your todger while it’s held in captivity. This makes your time in chastity a little more interesting to say the least! Because the electrodes are removable, you can choose to wear your chastity device with or without electro stimulation.

Inside the smart looking storage case you’ll find the Pubic Enemy No 1 cage complete with the removable silicone electrodes. These electrodes can be connected to any electro sex power box with 2mm lead wire connections. There’s also the handcuff style hinged cock ring, three spacers, a metal padlock with two keys, five tamper evident plastic locks (no worries about setting off metal detectors before air travel!) a 2mm lead wire which connects to Mystim or Nexus branded electro sex power boxes, samples of electro conductive lubricant and name plate stickers so you can let the world know who your locked up cock belongs to.

Note: The Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Electro Sex Chastity device is not interchangeable with the CB6000 range of products.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 92828
Brand MyStim

Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Electro Sex Chastity Device Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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Total : 2 Reviews
Design flaws
Review by Rube posted on 18 December 2014
To begin with a summary for those short on time - terrible for chastity, with significant design flaws and poor value for money, BUT an awesome electro experience for as long as it lasts.

Right then, so the good - delivery was quick and discreet as per usual. I bought this through UberKinky even though I'd seen it cheaper elsewhere because they've always been wonderfully reliable, and this was no exception. Presentation of the package is top notch and you get the impression you've bought a piece of equipment worthy of the price tag (it's a false impression, but full marks for first appearances, anyway). Cleaning is straightforward, and the electrodes pop in and out easily. Most importantly for this kind of device, there were no seams or sharp edges on the cage or ring, although the ring had other problems which I'll get to in a moment.

In use, once securely in place, the electrodes are well-placed and lead to amazing sensations, especially if you have another electro-device placed elsewhere so the current runs to or from the cock to elsewhere (obviously, make sure the current doesn't run across the chest) - we paired this with an ElectraStim Tadpole, and the sensation of current passing from prostate to cock were out of this world. So the concept is great, and for that reason I'm going with 2 stars.

Now for the bad. I don't normally review stuff here, but I wanted to lend some support to Pt, the other unhappy reviewer. The design, particularly of the ring, is pretty terrible.

The device locks onto a black plastic cockring in a sort of two-hinged handcuff design (although the handcuff doesn't lock itself - there's a locking pin that you attach once the ring is in place and adjusted to size). This seems like the sort of thing that's probably been ok'd by MyStim - hooray, a one-size-fits-all cockring! - with very little in the way of testing.

First of all, that handcuff is going to pinch your scrotum, no matter how much lube or careful preparation of your tackle you apply - it just will, and the only trick to be mastered here is being slow and careful enough to ensure you don't jam a good lump of it inside the plastic. It doesn't help that the male part of the handcuff is a tight fit on the female end, so you have to use some force to overcome the friction to close it properly. Once the cuff is in place and the locking pin attached, you simply pop the cage over the cock and lock it in place by threading a (supplied) padlock or plastic tag through one of the small holes on the middle prong of the ring.

Here comes the second major design flaw - the holes for the padlock are a tight fit for the padlock, but also as large as they can be for the piece of plastic in question without it falling apart instantly. This means the padlock is constantly putting stress on the thin, weak plastic prong (ever more so when you get an erection, which you will), meaning - inevitably - the prong eventually breaks. Mine split after five uses, making it impossible to lock the device in place.

Pt's review seems to suggest the entire ring/cuff split in two for him, which isn't the same problem I've had, but goes to show that the plastic used in the design is too weak for its purpose. It's a real shame, since the whole thing looks great and works brilliantly in the short term, but has blatantly not been tested rigorously enough by MyStim - we haven't been mistreating the device at all, just putting it on and plugging it in, but that's enough to break it after very few uses, so I doubt there was any real testing at all before bringing the product to market (none of which is UberKinky's fault, of course).

It's also worth noting that the locking pin is made of exactly the same cheap black plastic, and because it's so thin, it's another weak spot you could easily break if you're not careful when attaching it. Oh and the badge on the top of the cage fell off on the third use - badly glued, I guess.

All in all, it hasn't been the best £135 we've ever spent, but it was lots of fun while it lasted. In an effort to get some more value out of it, we've come up with another way of fixing it in place without using the central prong (now almost entirely snapped off, leaving a short stub with sharp ends) - we thread two cable ties through the cock ring, and then run them through the two loops beneath the outer prongs (which I assume are supposed to be for cables) before tightening them shut. It's obviously entirely escapable with only a pair of scissors (but then, so was the padlock, since it could've easily been broken) and looks rubbish (which the padlock didn't), but at least it works.

To wrap up - great concept, but I doubt there was any testing and refinement in the development stage. I've yet to see a sex toy that's as well designed as something made by Apple, but at this price (which suggests a CB6000 with added electrodes) you'd expect a bit better than what MyStim have delivered. It seems a bit odd that MyStim have recently launched the Pubic Enemy No2, which looks as though it's exactly the same except for the placement of the electrodes. Maybe Pt and I have just been very unlucky, or maybe MyStim just haven't received the feedback and don't know their design is defective. Either way, I'd recommend people steer clear of this and look for another way of combining electro and chastity play.
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Poor quality or production technical defect
Review by Pt posted on 2 December 2014
Unfortunately, after 3rd or 4th time of using this product, molded black ring part is split into two pieces and product in not usable at all.

UberKinky says: We are terribly sorry your MyStim Pubic Enemy No 1 has become faulty. Please contact our customer service department for an exchange or refund.
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: Robert Bond on 2 Nov 2014 01:41:00
Show answers...
What is the internal diameter of the ball trap ring? What is the weight of the device with padlock?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 4 Nov 2014 13:21:00

The inner diameter of the cock ring adjusts in 6 steps ranging from 33 mm to 52 mm and the weight with all the spacers on and locked with the padlock is 95g. Hope this helps!

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