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Oxballs Neo Ball Stretcher


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Silicone and neoprene hybrid material
  2. Won’t lose its shape over time like neoprene ball stretchers
  3. Gentle swell in the middle for a gentle and comfortable stretch
  4. Three styles to choose from and stackable
  5. Hypoallergenic & phthalates free

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SKU: 92705

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Love neoprene ball stretchers but hate the way they stretch over time? These new Neo Ball Stretchers from Oxballs are revolutionary! They are the same look, feel and shape of old style neoprene ball stretchers but Ox has made these with his new pressure cast silicone hybrid with added strength. This new material contains neoprene fibres to give it a good firm grip on your balls but with even more stretch than regular neoprene ball stretchers.

There’s enough stretch to keep your balls down below the stretcher but there’s not enough give to allow your balls to creep upwards. All sizes are slightly less than one inch in diameter on the inside with a slight swell in the middle to squeeze you where you need it most. Unlike neoprene, the Neo Ball Stretcher retains its shape and won’t become slack over time making it a lifetime investment.

The Oxballs Neo is safe to use with all lubricants and won’t pinch or cause an uncomfortable burning sensation as some feel with neoprene. The material itself is hypoallergenic as it is 95% silicone material.

NEO TALL is a 2 inch tall ball stretcher with an inside diameter just under 1 inch

NEO SHORT is 1.25 inch tall ball stretcher will fit any sack & can be stacked as you grow.

NEO ANGLE is shaped to push your sack forward, can be stacked to bend your sack up and out if you have the balls…

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 92705
Circumference 13.82cm (5.44 inches)
Height Angle 3.3cm (1.3 inches) at its tallest, Short: 3.3cm (1.25 inches) Tall: 5cm (2 inches)
Inner Diameter 2.54cm (1 inch)
Overall Diameter 4.4cm
Waterproof Yes
Does Not Include Latex, phthalates
Washing Instructions detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution
Colour Grey
Material Silicone

Oxballs Neo Ball Stretcher Reviews

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Total : 6 Reviews
Bloody brilliant.
Review by James80 posted on 4 January 2017
I've been using ball stretchers for a few months now, I started off with a metal two piece 200g which I also bought from here. I then bought some oxballs stackers which I thought I could use on either side of the metal ring to help stretch, unfortunately they broke as contrary to reports they couldn't be used with oil based lubricants.

I then found the Oxballs neo ball stretcher, I bought the large one and I've been wearing it along with my metal BS for around a week. It's bloody brilliant, it's comfortable, it is soft and pliable but not too soft that it's ineffective, it tugs really nicely on my balls and I can use any lube with it. I really should have bought this first rather than 8 of the others...I cannot recommend it enough and I've actually just bought the small version (hopefully it will arrive soon) so that I can wear one on either side of my metal BS and really get some stretch going :)

For beginners I may be tempted to start off with the small one as the large one may prove to be too much of a stretch, but I could be wrong, if you use something like cocoa butter to aid in the stretch it will certainly help.
Good luck and enjoy :-)
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A bit dissapointing
Review by AlandNik posted on 17 December 2013
Bought one of these expecting it to be made of the same stuff as the nutsling I have and was quite disappointed to find that it's nowhere near as flexible. Although well made and obviously good quality it's fairly hard to get on because it doesn't flex much.
It has a larger inside diameter than I was looking for too, so wont be using it again.
Lastly, no reflection on the product but ordered the small and received the angled one so check your order before ripping open the packet as I didn't.
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Review by gulag posted on 15 October 2014
I tried an I tried, - hot water, lube and weight lifting, teasing and shoving and hammering - but no way could I get my nuts through this ball stretcher.
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Review by wayne posted on 21 December 2014
It was hard to get on but with plenty of lube it finally went on, not tried getting it off yet, feels so good with it on I might leave it on, would recommend
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Yet again....bloody brilliant!!
Review by James80 posted on 13 January 2017
I bought the long version a couple of weeks ago to add extra stretch alongside a 200 gram metal was bloody brilliant and as you can use it with any lube, it works REALLY well with my cocoa and shea butter moisturiser - perfect combination for extra stretch. But I thought it wasn't quite enough, so I ordered the short version to wear on the other side of the metal stretcher. Well hell...all three combined, with the metal stretcher being in the middle are amazing, they tick ALL the boxes in ALL the right places. When I wear all three, my balls feel AMAZING!!! They stretch them long enough that I can tuck them between my wife's thighs whilst we're having sex...I repeat...BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! I just need to try the curved/angled version next....Uberkinky if you read this and you need it product tested please please please send me one :-)

Many thanks again for excellent service and another great product.
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Very Good but not what I'd hoped for
Review by Werebear posted on 12 March 2016
I have had an Oxballs PigRing for a year now and am very pleased with it. When I bought the Neo large ball stretcher I was hoping for something I could wear long term for a few hours to help my stretching. Unfortunately on me at least the stretcher is quite tight and things turn blue quite quickly. However as a play toy it is fantastic and I have already had a lot of fun with it in combination with my PigRing!
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