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Oxballs Splitsling


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  1. Lightweight and very strong
  2. A cock ring and ball stretcher in one
  3. Super stretchy TPR
  4. Stretches to fit any size man

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Big fan of the Oxballs Cocksling and Splitz? Get the best of both worlds with the Oxballs Splitsling!

The Oxballs Splitsling fits just like our popular Cocksling but like the Oxballs Splitz, it comes with a sling in the middle to separate your balls.

You still get the super stretchy TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) which stretches to about twice its size and the built in divot which allows urine to pass while sporting your splitsling. You’ll enjoy the gentle ball stretching effect while you get the benefits of a cockring. Not only that but we have it in two snazzy colours which accentuates your cock and balls making them the centre of attraction!

Safe to use with silicone or water based lubricants.

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SKU / Product Code 82073

Oxballs Splitsling Reviews

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A tricky version to put on!
Review by Speedy2 posted on 3 December 2012
My first attempt, was an incredibly long struggle and failure!. Next I tried with some lube - the fight was more intense, but I won..
A third occasion, I managed to stretch the oxball (dry) enough to get one ball right through, but the second ball took much longer, and I nearly gave up, but it was forced though in the end. This made each ball very tightly stretched in its skin, bulging out either side of the splitter bar. With the balls so tightly held in skin stretched to its limit, there was little feeling left in each ball. I managed to wear it for half a day, but by then was getting really sore, so, sadly, I took it off. The next day my balls were still sore and scrotum in parts was showing signs that it had been crushed and bruised.
I have decided to cut off the splitter bar, and have it as an ordinary oxball . The splitter bar does crush and bruise the scrotum where the bar holds it back.
I think the splitter idea was a mistake. Even the act of trying to force the balls through the ring and separately past the splitter is guarranteed to squash them heavily in the process.
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Excellent apart from the ball splitter.
Review by Leenineplus posted on 19 December 2012
The product is great for the cock and is very stretchy for the larger male. It makes the cock firmer and stands out well with the balls pulled back.

The splitter is useless unless you have child size balls. I could not take the pain of trying to pull my balls through. I cut off the splitter bar and my balls were huge when pulled back from the penis.

Great product for the penis and the balls without the splitter bar.
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Study first which way to put on
Review by plurel posted on 21 September 2013
My first attempt did not get anywhere then I put it on with the angled surface to my body and rolled the splitter bar to the side of the stretcher once it was on I rolled the bar over my balls .
Make sure the stretcher is pulled as close to your body if you do not wish to use the splitter bar leave it rolled to the side of the stretcher giving a nice tight pull on your balls.
I have not been stretching long so my balls are small and look great. whish I could submit picture,
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The Best
Review by Balls posted on 10 December 2014
Simply the best!
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More recent success
Review by Speedy2 posted on 10 June 2014
I've since found it helps considerably to put on a tight leather cockstrap first. ( and remove it after everything is in place). This stops the balls from trying to disappear back into your body, making things more manageable. I've found I can stretch the clear Oxball splitter considerably now, making it easier to put on, but still is a fight.
It helps to roll the splitter to one side until both balls are through, and then stretch it and very carefully place it between the two balls and (very slowly!) release the tension on it.
Accidentally letting it slip in the process is a recipe for great pain and anguish!
Wearing the splitter still becomes painful after a few hours, but not so quickly as initially...
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: Sam on 18 Aug 2015 17:05:00
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How do you put a splitsling on?
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 19 Aug 2015 09:46:00

Well you would need for gravity to help you out so begin by standing naked with a warmed up ball sack, you want your scrotum to be nice and loose and not have your testicles try to cling tenaciously to your body because they're cold. Now insert your index and middle finger on each hand inside the larger hole of the splitsling with the ball divider at the bottom and the cock hole facing the front and pull the split sack open. Now with the help of gravity, place your balls through the hole and allow them to find their way to the bottom where the centre rests on the ball splitter. GENTLY release the sides of the splitsling. Now do the same again but closer to the top so that you can thread your penis through the cock hole.

Looking at the reviews, one person recommended pulling the ball splitter to the side and then adjusting it back into place once the splitsling is in place.

Hope this helps!

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