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Penetrator Inflatable Butt Plug


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  1. Extreme size for serious anal enthusiasts
  2. Inflates and deflates with the hand held bulb
  3. Flared base so so there's no risk of lost butt plugs!
  4. Made from sensuous black latex

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SKU: 82376


Pump up the pleasure with the penetrator inflatable butt plug!

This ribbed and inflatable butt plug slips in smooth, you’ll feel each rib slide home as it penetrates deeper. Once you think you can’t take any more, try going a little bit further with the inflation bulb. This inflatable latex butt plug is a simply decadent addition to any anal enthusiast’s toy box.

Uninflated Inflated
Length 30cm (11.5 inches) 40.6cm (16 inches)
Circumfrence 25.4cm (10 inches) 30.5cm(12 inches)
Diameter 6cm (2.3 inches) 22.5cm (8.6 inches)

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SKU / Product Code 82376

Penetrator Inflatable Butt Plug Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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Total : 7 Reviews
Review by Beni posted on 12 September 2013
As pointed out by the previous reviews, this toy is nearly impossible to insert (with the wrong method)... If you squeeze all the air out, close the valve then fold the head in half and stretch the toy out prior to insertion it will easily go in after a good pegging- my girlfriend had me squirming all night- I had my first ever "ass-gasm"- ie I ejaculated just from this toy and no other physical stimulation! I can only describe it as mind blowing nirvana- complete euphoria! Is this the kind of orgasm a women feels?

So, in conclusion, from a 25 yr old male perspective:

1) multiple orgasms (assgasms)
2) euphoria/ the feeling of what I assume Buddhist monks call enlightenment.
3) thank god it doesn't vibrate.

NB * you need a day or two to recover!
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what a wow!
Review by Slider posted on 30 January 2014
It is easy to use if you know how! I have a bought a 'sink plunger with a plastic handle and rubber sucker base. Expel all of the air and close the valve. Lie it over the top of the plunger handle and hold it there while you sit on it and it all goes up! Use a bit of lube of course.
It is one of the best things I have ever had.....I cant get enough of it. Just get it up, sit on it and pump it up at a rate that suits you.....the longer the better the pleasure. It creeps into all those places that make you groan. Poppers helps it along as well but wow it sure fills up all the right places.
It is really fantastic and good value. Tough rubber and the valve and tube seems tough.
I love it!
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
A complete waste of money
Review by Disappointed posted on 19 January 2013
this can't be used it for it's stated purpose at all. it's totally flacid until it's completely inflated, so it can't be inserted into anything and then blown up. Unfortunately you can't tell this while it is still in it's packet, so it wasn't untill we'd tried various things that it became clear, at which point we had used it and couldn't return it and ask for our money back, which we otherwise would have done. Avoid if you want to actually use it - a complete waste of money.
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very not sure???
Review by X-Xray posted on 25 February 2013
At first very excited to try this item; this being my first inflatable. But as i tried to use it i had some difficulty with inserting; it has no firmness, even when deflated. I tried using some of my other toys to get it in but no such luck. I even tried it inflated to help with insertion but still no result. I think i will have to try a different tact, but in the mean time i will buy a different large one else where to see if it is just me who is not doing it right.
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large and soft
Review by James posted on 15 May 2013
Right is toy is completely soft, no hard centre to aid with insertion you need a big asspussy to get this inside you even soft let alone inflated. If you ass isn't punch fistable look for a different inflatable as you won't get this toy in ever.

However once in and inflated the ribs and shear size to leave me feeling very full it just takes a long time to insert.
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Review by Apple posted on 7 September 2013
As everyone else has said this thing is difficult to use. No solid core and the ridges hold their shape when deflated, so it's like trying to get a bunch of rubber rings in your bum, not very elegant.
I can't figure out the best tactic for getting this in, I don't think there is a good way, making it not a great couples toy, I don't think that a second party could get this into anyone, it takes some serious coordination between your body, sphincter and hands to get this in.
That said... It's well built and I don't have a massive issue with the bulb and release system.
As for enjoyment, well... Once you do manage to violently stuff this thing into yourself and you sit on it and start pumping its amazing!!! I got to 5 pumps first, then deflated, did this a few times to warm up and then went for all out 10 pumps, it popped through my inner sphincter quite hard, which did hurt a little, but that was more my fault for being greedy. Once it was through there it was a dream. Felt amazing!!! I could get it pumped enough to really start thrusting and to feel the ridges, but it jiggles about inside because of the ridges and feels great!!
The only thing lacking from this is a solid core. Something long and thin would be great, letting you ease it in to where you want it and then inflate so you can feel it swell and grow. But it's still ok.
Bottom line, I don't think this toy will get much play time, it's too diddly, but when I'm feeling really greedy and have some time alone, it will be coming out.
I'd probably give this a 3 star because as long as you understand the difficulties of no solid core in an inflatable you will get in ok with this toy.
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Insane toy!
Review by Dolly posted on 29 September 2013
Ill start with the downside... Like others have said its completely soft when deflated and there is no good technique for getting it in, it isn't something that you could use as a couple it will kill the mood completely as you frantically try to stuff the thing inside.

But if you like it big and serious when playing alone this is the best!! There is a method to getting it in that I find works ok... Deflate it fully (push out all the air) and then close the valve so it stays deflated, then lube it up and begin stuffing it in, it's not graceful but it works. Then sit on it on the bed so it stays put. Fortunately the air tube is rigid enough that sitting on it like this the air can still get through to pump up, other inflatables I've tried fail doing this.

Once you've over come the diddly bit just enjoy how it feels wiggling about inside for a while, then start to inflate. I usually go slow a couple and then deflate, keep repeating and going an extra pump each time. The aim is to get this through your inner sphincter. Going through can be a bit fierce sometimes, depends on how many pumps its had before it pops in, if it goes in at 9 pumps it's perfect, anything more it can go in too hard. Once it's in there it is heaven!! And it stays through the inner sphincter when you deflate it, so now you can pump it up and feel the stretch good. Deflate inflate wiggle on it, it's the best sensation ever. This will make you scream!!

At first the awkwardness of this put me off, but now I am completely addicted to it! :)

marked down to 4 stars because it needs a solid core, I agree with apple that a thin long core would be perfect, go deep in through the inner sphincter with a narrow toy and then inflate, would be easier to insert and wouldnt punch through the top (which scared me the first time it happened).

So if you're serious about stretching and can live with the fiddly start, buy this.
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