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Forget the same old fluffy handcuffs - here at UberKinky we carry nothing but the finest bondage restraints and extreme restraints to keep your sub exactly where you want them. No matter what you’re into, whether it be rope restraints for Japanese Shibari bondage, spreader bars, straitjackets or full body restraints, you can be sure that when you buy from us, you’ll get only the very best, all with ultra-discreet delivery.


5 Reasons You Should Try Restraints

Not easily roped in when it comes to restraint? Don’t think you’re quite ready to be tied down? Then take a look at our UberKinky Reasons You Should Try guide and there’ll be no holding you back!

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Arm & Leg Restraints - Keep Them Where You Want Them

Take a pair of handcuffs and ramp up the kink… our range of restraints will keep your subject exactly where you want them, with wrist restraints to stop wandering hands and ankle restraints to tie down even the naughtiest feet. Our selection includes leather restraints and more.

Bondage Slave Collars - A Good Dog Needs A Collar

Any good dog needs a collar, why should your slave be any different? A bondage slave collar lets you keep good hold of your sub, but also tags that they belong to you… you’ll find something perfect in our selection of slave collars.

  1. Hinged design and natural ergonomic curves
  2. Comes in four different collar sizes
  3. Locking pin fastening system can be used with a small padlock
  4. If you’re brave this could pass as a collar that can be worn in public
  5. Turian style for Gorean play

  1. Comes with everything you need to get started in puppy play
  2. Bone shaped bit gag made from body safe silicone material
  3. Puppy tail butt plugs moves as you move
  4. Fully adjustable collar and gag

  1. Built in chrome D ring which swivels and spins freely
  2. Adjusts to fit neck sizes between 16 to 19 inches
  3. Stunningly beautiful and hard wearing
  4. Made to last a lifetime by kinksters for kinksters

  1. Comes with everything you need to get started in BDSM
  2. Soft fur lined faux leather for comfort
  3. Designed for hours of kinky fun with plenty to see and do
  4. Comes with rope, ball gag, blindfold, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, flogger, collar and lead

  1. Fully adjustable collar and torso chain
  2. A slave collar which can be worn in public
  3. Looks like luxurious jewellery
  4. For an elegant collaring ceremony

Spreader Bars - Spread Em

Have your most wicked way… keep wandering hands still and naughty feet spread apart with a spreader bar. Spreader bars take restraint to the next level – just how naughty have they been?

Sleepsacks & Straitjackets - No Chance Of Escape

Fasten them in and they’ll never get away. If you want to restrain more than just hands and feet, a straightjacket is the way to go – our straightjackets and sleepsacks will leave them entirely at your mercy.

Rope Restraints - Tie Them Up or Tie Them Down

Rope bondage is one of the most versatile ways to keep your sub still. Our superb selection of rope restraints includes everything from gorgeous natural hemp bondage rope to Japanese silk bondage rope – the only limit is your imagination.

Bondage Harnesses

Turn up the heat with a harness – our range of harnesses are great for unique restraints – combine a body harness with our hog ties and accessories of your choice to create truly custom kink!

Full Body Restraints

For the ultimate in submissive restraint, body restraints are a real must. An important part of any dungeon, we have it all from full body restraints to bondage beds.