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The Spiked Chastity Cage


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Open style cage so you can look but not touch!
  2. Adjustable cuff ring for added security
  3. Will not rust or tarnish
  4. Inner spikes means no chance of an erection!

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SKU: 80319

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The Spiked Chastity Cage is manufactured from top quality stainless steel, so it is body friendly and comfy to wear

Additionally due to the use of this material it won't rust or tarnish. This Chastity Cage is secured in place with a hand-cuff style lock that's fastened around the base of the cock and behind the testicles. This cage has multiple spikes on the inside of the cage which will inflict pain if the wearer gets an errection. The cage can be worn for longer periods of time as it's an open ended chastity cage, that allows for basic hygiene and urination.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 80319
Brand UberKinky
Circumference 16.5cm (6.5
Inner Diameter Cage: 3.4cm (1.3 inches)
Length Cage: 13cm (5.1 inches)
Overall Diameter 5.2cm (2 inches)
Product Weight 0.200 kg
Width Ring Adjustable, 53mm, 50mm, 47mm, 44mm, 41mm
Size One Size
Adjustable Yes, the cock ring adjusts to fit
Contents 1 Chastity cage, 1 Handcuff lock, 1 Padlock, 3 Keys
Washing Instructions Wash with hot soapy water, and ensure device is completely dry before storage
Material Stainless Steel

The Spiked Chastity Cage Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
5 Reviews (15)
4 Reviews (1)
Total : 16 Reviews
Insidious , Sadistic , Evil , I love it !!!
Review by Subby J posted on 5 June 2013
This is an evil device. At first you find it is quite a bit larger than a CB-6000, so you dont think it will be much of a problem.
This is exactly how you fall into the devices cunning design. Having locked the base, blood cannot flow out of the penis easily causing an erection .
The extra space inside the cage allows for a good size , but no way near full erection.
The evil spikes then bite into your semi erect penis, more blood flows in causing more penis swelling . The result the spikes bite deeper.

My Mistress has threatened to lock me in and send the key by post if I displease her, I only hope this will not come to bear.
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(32 of 35 people found this review helpful)
Review by Realsub55 posted on 28 October 2013
OMG! When I first opened the box I was a little disappointed as the cage looked rather large and roomy. However, I thought I would try this cage out before letting my wife take over ownership of it. Feeling brave I left the padlock keys downstairs while I went upstairs to see how loose it was. A big mistake! Fitting the collar around the testicles was fiddly as the pin is difficult to feed through the holes, by this time by tool had swollen a little. I slipped the cage over and clipped the lock shut. Admiring how good it looked I realised that the blood was pumping and my dick growing.
First lesson was the cage curves down while a semi erect penis start to straighten. Second lessen was that there are over 40 spikes waiting to dig in. Third lessen, I should have kept the key with me because as the swelling grew more spikes dug in. Fourth lessen, when all the teeth have dug in you can't really move without adding to the excruciating pain. Fifth lessen, even if you can get the padlock open you can't get the cage off without tearing the flesh of your prized possession.
This is a must for any Dom.
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(29 of 32 people found this review helpful)
Great chastity cage
Review by D92 posted on 8 June 2014
When this item arrived it looked and is to big for myself, but don't let that put you off purchasing, when putting on ensure you're soft and try not to get aroused, once on and fitted and locked my god once you get hard the spikes defiantly work. The pain you receive from this cage when aroused it harsh and not for the faint hearted. I love the pain it gives and so does my wife the more she turns me on the more pain you feel. Only downside is it's a bit on the large size but I'm glad we purchased it.
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(17 of 19 people found this review helpful)
Ouch & Brilliant.
Review by Dream Woven posted on 24 January 2015
Like others at first you think this device is a little on the large side. But it isn't. That said it's not a device I can conceal with clothing. But I don't really see that as an issue since I don't see this as a 24/7 chastity device. I see this as a device for play, a device your going to be made to get hard in. A device to be tortured in.

The pain those spikes deliver is incredible. Worse on the tip of your clock if there no foreskin protecting it! It hurts to walk around with an erect clock in this device. Every sway and movement causing the spikes to dig a little deeper. This isn't a device for the faint hearted. But it's well worth it.
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(15 of 17 people found this review helpful)
Review by alex slave posted on 11 June 2014
Fantastic tool for real torture. I wear it almost every night when we go to bed with my wife-mistress. The terrible effect is difficult to sustain if the penis goes in erection. And so what better than to lick her pussy torture of his mistress worshiping her tits and feet with his cock torn by sharp iron spikes, which completely cover the cage? In the morning I can get rid of it, but my dick is sore for hours and hours ... and we have not yet made genuine use during a long session bdsm ... for the moment I have endured for twenty minutes with his cock erect and pain came to unbearable levels ... but I train ... We have seen that the testicles are free and can be dressed up with a nice parachute (of course with spikes) without problem. Quindi fabulous, easy to wear, perfect for my cock ( 17 cm in erection). Under baggy pants can be worn even in my day ... But be careful that you put it authorizes you to groan in pain in public!
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(14 of 19 people found this review helpful)
spiked cock cage
Review by mrandmrst posted on 1 May 2014
top quality product !!! the best toy we have ever bought
it is big but not big enough when you get excited the spikes bight down and the sensation is amazing been dribbling non stop !!
bit uncomfortable to sleep in and does show in suit trousers apart from that worth every penny
wife has been teasing me since it was on knowing the pain it gives me so all good fun for both of us
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(12 of 15 people found this review helpful)
evil but excellent
Review by animal posted on 12 March 2016
its a large cage BUT this means:
- you can get a hard on (not full and obviously bent) but the spikes really do their business
- tried it for daily wear - challenging - mainly because even when soft the spikes stimulate everything as the cock rubs against them
- this is a love it hate it cage. overtime play is taking place (good dildo work) the cock sensations become agony - you want it to stop but then you want more...
- easy to fit
- looks great
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The agony, the ecstasy - caged cock heaven!
Review by Stockings Addict posted on 11 March 2016
I bought this as my Mistress has put me in chastity. Fitting it is a bit fiddly at first, it is large and heavy, and a bit scary to see all those spikes - waiting. The first erection comes and it's unbelievably painful. I slept in mine and was begging to be released from the beast in the middle of the night! But, it's addictive - the crack cocaine of male chastity. I wear it all the time, you can't wear very tight trousers with it - but the only thing you will think of after your first 24 hours is I can never take this off - erection after erection, wave after wave of sexual ecstasy. It is the greatest thing I've ever owned. I publicly beg Dominatrix Lisa to never release me from this almost hourly source of blissful pleasure and heavenly pain! Buy one!!
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(9 of 12 people found this review helpful)
this is a great 'toy' (doesn't feel like just a 'toy' when you are trying to be stiff!)!
Review by nini.cuckold posted on 1 June 2016
Concur with all earlier reviews, looks big but feels seriously small when trying to be aroused, and tighten the cuff means once stiff tries to stay stiff, even though the pain is so intense your head is trying to think 'no erection PLEASE!'. My wife and I use it for our 'cuckold capers' she has me put it on and takes the key before she starts getting ready to meet her lover; we also play 'cum denial' for me so I'm easily aroused and just seeing her preparing herself is a mental struggle to keep penis unexcited.... it's a real head trip, trying not to let your desire and frustration become a hard on! It always fails for me as soon as I hear her first moan of pleasure from the bedroom next door, cock tries to jump up straight and O! The pain is so great and intense, and she knows what I'm suffering as she moans and cries out with pleasure...
Finally combine this with elctro stimulation as your only permitted release and believe me you'll be begging your wife to stay unmilked!
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(8 of 10 people found this review helpful)
An evil but Addictive Device
Review by Mr Curious posted on 28 October 2016
I was a little disappointed by the packaging: a very plain plastic box with this rattling around inside it. Not exactly a presentation case considering the £100 price tag, but no matter.

Getting it out of the box, the first thing that went through my mind was "Oh dear God, what have I let myself in for?" This thing has 40 spikes on it and they are SHARP!

As mentioned by one other reviewer the cock ring is a little fiddly to size up properly and get the pin through it. Consequently for both this and the packaging I have knocked off one star.

This cage is longer and roomier than others and as a result you need to pick trousers that are a little baggier. Otherwise it will show and the pressure will push your balls onto your legs. But that discomfort is but nothing to the searing pain you will endure as your member starts to stiffen.

As it starts to swell and straighten up - which it will inevitably do due to the ring constricting blood flow and the sheer excitement of putting it on - the spikes in the roof of the cage in particular will start to become buried. The ones towards the end dig into behind the head and one at the end even manages to get into the Jap's eye. Both of which are particularly uncomfortable. How they manage to avoid piercing the skin appears to be down to either sheer luck or some really considerate design. The risk however is that trying to remove the cage while semi erect runs the risk of causing some serious injury. So you are left with little choice but to endure the torture until it goes limp by itself.

Having got used to the cage, I decided to accept my own challenge of a walk to the post office. Gingerly setting off at first, I soon found myself trapped in a vicious cycle. Once in a relaxed state, I could not help but think about the eroticism of what I had buried in my jeans. But this caused the swelling to start, the spikes would find their place and I would have to grin and bear the pain of them biting into my poor member. The worst situation was when an erection was just starting and there was still room for it to swing about in the cage. Once bigger, the pain was worse, but constant. So more manageable. After a few minutes, it would settle down and the cycle would begin again. However I was pleased to discover that talking to someone in a shop or a passing neighbour in the high street was enough of a distraction for everything to settle down again. So they didn't suspect a thing. Or if they did, they didn't let on!

Back home I later decided the session was over, and let it out of the cage. Now unrestrained he immediately stood very much to attention, clearly as a result of all the sensory input. So much so, I wanted to put him back in the cage again and await the arrival of Mrs Curious. But this clearly wasn't going to happen with him in that state. So our next session is booked in diary. Can't wait!
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