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Ball Flask & Crusher


In stock - Despatched from the United Kingdom

  1. Easy twist handle for serious crushing
  2. Truly sadistic cock & ball torture device
  3. You control how loose or tight with a twist of the handle
  4. Allows you to stretch and crush!

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Made from stainless steel the Ball Crusher allows you to both stretch and crush your testicles

Weighing in at 1.5kg the ball crusher comes in two main parts. The first is a standard ball stretcher that splits into two pieces, allowing for easy fitting around the testicles. The second is the ball crushing cylinder that can be easily attached to the ball stretcher. Its simple design does not take anything away from its effectiveness, allowing you to control how loose or tight with an easy twist of the ball crusher handle.

Most men enjoy the feeling of some amount of pressure on their testicles, and with the ball crusher they can experience as much or as little pressure as they want. This sadistic cock & ball torture device comes in two sizes, 37mm and 40mm.

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 80821
Brand UberKinky
Inner Diameter 3.7cm (1.45 inches), 4cm (1.57 inches)
Length Flask: 7.7cm (3.03 inches)
Product Weight 1.5kg
Adjustable Yes
Material Stainless Steel

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Ball Flask & Crusher Reviews

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Total : 12 Reviews
Slightly awkward to apply but top notch for quality and effectiveness
Review by dh posted on 10 June 2013
Has to be said: after quick dispatch by Überkinky we got appalling delivery service from Royal Mail - they took 21 days to deliver the package offering no tracking updates or explanation for the failure to deliver or the package's location.

When it finally arrived, the initial impression was that this device is surprisingly heavy (a nice bonus according to my better half, as once she applied it the weight was definitely noticeable...) The weight is obviously due to the metal construction - this thing's extremely well built. Build quality seems so rock solid I can't picture any problems down the line even after significant use.

The design of the device is simple enough - a single hex screw locks the two halves of the collar together then two more hex screws attach the flask/crusher. Oddly, though, these use a different size hex key to the first one. While both are included, two different keys does mean double the chance of losing one!

Actually applying it is a little slow and fiddly, being awkward to get the hex key into the last two screws and tighten them while holding the flask in place. But once locked on, there's no way it's coming off again until Mistress wants it to, so it's certainly secure enough once attached. The crusher works smoothly and very effectively!

So, excellent build quality and performance. Although ease of application could be a bit better, it's possible the hex screws might get easier to apply as the device is "worn in". Mistress gives it full marks for its effectiveness, and it gets my five stars for its quality, This is by far the best ballcrusher we've seen, and an easy recommendation.
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Top Quality
Review by Martyn posted on 26 December 2013
The crusher is top quality and heavy. great for a ball weight or as a crusher oo for added fun. Seen it for sale at over double the price in other places.

not difficult to get it on either, and once the screws are done up, not easily escaped from !
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Well made and very effective
Review by JH posted on 30 December 2014
As other reviews have said, the device is well made and the weight is very noticeable. One minor downside, in my opinion is that the crushing plate is attached to the screw and therefore rotates as you tighten the crusher which can make it quite hard to tighten as it drags against your skin, easily remedied with a small amount of lube though. Overall a very fun experience that can be coupled with an electro pad as the whole unit conducts.
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Beautifully made but check the size
Review by Ricky the Magic Pixie posted on 20 March 2015
This item cannot be faulted for build quality. The parts are machined with the greatest precision and the whole piece exudes quality. Having said that, I have difficulty reviewing it because it proved impossible to fit, even with two of us. I had ordered the larger 40mm clamp but even this proved too small. I think that with perseverance we might have managed to fit it but realised that even if we did, the testicles would not fit into the flask!
For a man with large balls this is going to be a problem.

A couple of comments about the hex-head screws. All three screws now use the same Allen key which is an advantage. However, in our opinion, the screws are too short. They only use the first few threads to hold into the body and the clamp. Although they won't come undone, they do not help the assembly procedure. At one point, you are trying to get the two halves of the clamp ring around the scrotum while also fiddling with the screw and the Allen key. Longer screws would allow one to start the screw with the fingers.
Despite our particular difficulties, it is an exceptionally well made item and well worth the money. Do PLEASE check whether it will fit your particular slave before buying.
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Well made and good finish, easier to use than some of the competitors
Review by N!c posted on 6 November 2012
After a very fast delivery from uberkinky, opened the plain package to check out the weighty equipment.
As with other designs of this type the ball stretcher is attached to the flask by 2 hexagon socket head screws, what makes this design better if the use of a single screw to fasten the split ball stretcher collar together.
This makes actually getting the collar fitted alot easier! (it also minimises the changes of getting things caught!) This has proved somewhat tricky using a similar device in the past.
Once the collar is secured, it is a fairly easy job to secure the flask to the collar using the hex socket screws (and the supplied Allen keys).
Overall a very well made piece of equipment.
Anyone seeking a flask and ball crusher needn't look any further!
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Awesome ball crusher but fiddly
Review by slvyby#4 posted on 24 July 2013
I agree, excellent service from Uberkinky. This is a heavy piece and hanging from the balls in a standing position is to say the least uncomfortable. Putting it on is difficult. i probably should have ordered the larger size. Putting the collar on first and trying to manipulate the balls into the flask didn't work for me, but I found that I could get the balls into the flask and then put the collar on. The process either way is fiddly, and beware crushing skin when screwing tight the components. However the end result is awesome: a heavy weight on the balls and the slow screwing up pushing the whole package into a smaller and smaller space with incremental pain :-) Quite different to the flat squashing effect of the Oxballs Nut Buster or similar Dr Sado - but equally effective!
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Great material quality except for the screws.
Review by KinkyJo posted on 16 September 2014
This product has amazing quality and the design is clever. However the screws are far too fragile especially the screw heads. The allen key will wear them out over time and then you might get stuck with some awkward metal on your balls which will not be easy to remove...
My advise is to have proper allen key screw thickness or come up with a even better and safer design.
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be careful if you are an inexperienced player
Review by tiedntested posted on 22 May 2015
Really it is only a repeat of what others have said.
Generally an excellent piece of craftsmanship, but does need improvement with the screws, too short and fiddling. Needed fair amount of practice to put on, thanks for the tip about lube. The weight is awesome.
In play you need a good safeword and a partner who respects it. It will cause intense pain and could cause much damage to a rather sensitive part of your body.
Definitely a must for the "toy box" though
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Great quality product.
Review by martin posted on 11 June 2013
I made the mistake of ordering the larger holed collar, this was a mistake, outherwise a brilliant product
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Review by george posted on 9 February 2015
excellent speedy delivery, good quality product,
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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Question by: Richard Royle on 11 Jun 2015 15:17:00
Show answers...
Hi, can you confirm that the inner diameter options - 37 or 40 mm are for the ball stretcher and not the flask itself? If so what is the inner diameter of the flask?, I've been after one of these for a while but they've never been big enough.


Richard R
Answer by: Mistress Victoria (Admin) on 12 Jun 2015 09:53:00

The 37mm and 40mm are the inner diameters of the ball stretcher portion. The flask itself is about 53mm inner diameter. Hope this helps!