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Birdlocked Classic Chastity Device

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  1. Lightweight body safe silicone material
  2. Seven air holes to ensure adequate ventilation
  3. Very discreet chastity device - invisible under clothing
  4. Safe, comfortable and secure one piece design

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The Birdlocked patented chastity device sheath has a unique design which is perfectly suited to the male physique. The sole component of the silicone rubber casing means the Birdlocked chastity device is hypo-allergenic, comfortable to wear, water-resistant and tear-resistant. The chastity device is so comfortable you'll probably forget you're wearing it under your clothes! Thanks to the seven air holes, you can wear the sheath everyday whilst going to the toilet and washing without having to remove it. The solid yet lightweight device is easy to put on and leaves the wearer 100% secured- until it's playtime of course!

How to choose the right size?

Most people will use a ring with a 45mm diameter. Here is a 4 step procedure to help you find the right diameter for you.

  • 1. Use a measuring tape or a string about 30 cm (12 inches) long, and place it around your scrotum and penis. Remember not to use elastic string, as this would skew the measurements.
  • 2. Make a double knot: the string should be tight enough to make it difficult for you to slip a finger under it, yet not so strong as to cut off the blood flow. Leave the string on for 5 minutes to make sure it is the right diameter.
  • 3. Cut the string with a pair of scissors, taking care not to cut yourself!
  • 4. Measure the length of the string divide the number by 3.14, and consult the following table to learn which is the right diameter for you.

Length in mmLength in InchesSize Birdlocked
119mm to 132mm4.68 to 5.2 inches40
133mm to 148mm5.21 to 5.8245
149mm to 163mm5.83 to 6.41 inches50
164mm to 169mm6.45 to 6.65 inches53

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SKU / Product Code 80601
Brand Birdlocked

Birdlocked Classic Chastity Device Reviews

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An Absolute Pain - literally!
Review by Fruitbat posted on 11 November 2013
I bought this, having previously enjoyed wearing a CB-6000 for short-term use, until the cage split in the middle of the night with painful consequences. My first issue with this item was the difficulty in getting my cock and balls through the ring. Even with copious lube, this always proved a difficult and painful experience, resulting in me fumbling around for many minutes before sometimes achieving success. On other occasions I simply gave up. However, my main issue with this product, even when I managed to fit it successfully was that, even after one hour of use, the skin on my cock ballooned out of the ventilation holes (I guess this is Edema?) with the result that I had a hazelnut sized ball of skin protruding painfully from each hole. Fortunately I had ready access to the key and was able to escape. For me this device is totally unsuitable, even for very short-term use.
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comfortable effective and very frustrating
Review by Andrew posted on 11 October 2013
My wife bought the unit for me to keep me from masturbating and it sure does that. It is comfortable when on but slightly difficult to get on. I have to use a water based lube to help when putting the unit on and that seems to work well. When worn it is quite tight and a definite reminder that my cock and balls are retained. The fact that my balls are pulled forward and then separated in the unit makes it totally impossible to slip out of. Too tight of underwear, or pants do create some discomfort where the balls are separated and forward like they are but is also a very erotic feeling. Erections are absolutely impossible and with my night time erections definitely waking me every time. Needless to say- while in the unit I definitely give my wife lots more attention with the hope of being let out so I can feel an erection and I've also found out that when I'm locked in the unit for longer periods of time I"ll do things for my wife that I would never do otherwise. It's also very frustrating to watch her masturbate to an orgasm when I can't even get hard.
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Great Item
Review by JRLOCO posted on 13 August 2013
I have the Birdlocked mini . As with the previous reviewer getting it on is a bit painful, but I can now do it in less than a minute. Once on the feeling of being locked up tight is very sensual my wife loves the way my scrotum is pulled forwards, and has great fun making me get an erection. Great fun for her , and my Mistress.
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Review by MariA posted on 4 April 2016
I feel for your girlfriends with your little dicklets, at least they're finally being locked up now
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Comfy but could be improved
Review by Helenslave posted on 26 April 2013
Having been required to be in chastity by my queen, the priority was for somehting effective and fairly comfy for day to day use. The Birdlocked is quite tricky to get on but with a bit of lube and regular practice, it becomes easier. Once locked on, it is a peculiar feeling as ones scrotum is pushed forward and "split". This is OK, but take care with underwear choice! (I am required to wear that of the female variety)
If I am in trouble and kept locked up overnight, the natural nighttime erection becomes a most uncomfortable method of sleep deprivation, proving the effectiveness of the device. Could it be improved? Yes. It would be better if the ring was split, allowing it to be made smaller when on - if only a fraction small, getting the thing on is a very painful experience. This would also make it more secure and perhaps, reducing the ring width to make the device less prominent under clothing. Much better than the Bon4 and clones though.
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Excellent item
Review by Sub D posted on 15 September 2013
This was my first experience in chastity, the cage was a little difficult to fit at first but after a couple of practices I soon got the hang of it. My Mistress requested me to fit it and give her have the key and only releasing me when she had her pleasure. Even though I could not touch myself it was still a very enjoyable and erotic experience and one I am sure she will make me repeat. The only thing I would advise is to use a water based lube to aid in fitting, I used an anal lube and this seemed to work well.
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