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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Go Team GB

    The Winner's Circle

    This week's Toy With Me Tuesday shows UberKinky's support for Team GB in that certain global sporting competition going on this week. Here we see five gorgeous Oxballs Powerballs cock rings to keep our boys going long and strong. Why did we choose an American product to display proudly with a British Flag?

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  • Build a Bird

    Some Assembly Required

    For this week's Toy With Me Tuesday, the inspiration came when I saw an empty box in our warehouse full of packing peanuts when I thought, what if you had to assemble your own sex doll? Choose a pair of feet, choose your boobs, pick a face... a custom Build a Bird creation! It would all come in pieces of course with undiscernable instructions complete with poor clip art and some odd mini tool which you have 20 of and no real use for after you've built your item.

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  • The Devil May Come

    UberKinky's second entry in the weekly event, Toy With Me Tuesday gives some insight into the inner workings of UberKinky central. This week, I took the Oxballs Devil Dildo and a few of my minions out back. If you've ever had a nosy at where we're located on Google Maps, then you'll know we're located along the River Hull. As I was wondering around out back waving around my big black 13.5 inch long dildo a big ship went by full of hunky sailors. I'm sure they enjoyed the show!

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  • Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

    Toy With Me Tuesday - Planet of the Fists

    UberKinky has thrown their hat into the ring to join in on the fun that is Toy With Me Tuesday, brought to you by Nymphomaniac Ness. Toy With Me Tuesday is where sex toy lovers come together and share their love of sex toys and creative photography. It's a bit of fun for all involved!

    This week, we've recreated the iconic Statue of Liberty scene from Planet of the Apes.

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