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Build a Bird

Some Assembly Required

For this week's Toy With Me Tuesday, the inspiration came when I saw an empty box in our warehouse full of packing peanuts when I thought, what if you had to assemble your own sex doll? Choose a pair of feet, choose your boobs, pick a face... a custom Build a Bird creation! It would all come in pieces of course with undiscernable instructions complete with poor clip art and some odd mini tool which you have 20 of and no real use for after you've built your item.

Some Assembly Required

Here we see Doc Johnson's The Fist dildo making a repeat appearance, he is quite irresitable! We've also got Belladonna's Foot Soldiers foot dildos and making a special guest appearance from our sister site, Passion8, the Fuck My Face Extreme Deep Throat Mega Masturbator from Pipedream

Toy with me Tuesday

5 thoughts on “Build a Bird”

  • A Couple of Wankers
    A Couple of Wankers July 24, 2012 at 16:13

    Now I must admit to finding the whole thing a little scary! Though, I do love the fact you can get foot dildos in left and right; that is some thought and attention to detail.


  • darthkitt3n

    Oh my, did this come from the IKEA of sex toys?

  • Midnight Boudoir
    Midnight Boudoir July 24, 2012 at 18:38

    Eeep this looks so excitingly creepy almost Halloween like, can you imaging opening this box and seeing this for the first time...just brilliant!
    Fantastic composition you've placed the body parts just perfectly.

    I love the idea of this to build your perfect woman or guy..........hmm now where would I start lol!

  • Mrs JoJo

    Kinda scary but interesting!

  • Nymphomaniac Ness
    Nymphomaniac Ness July 31, 2012 at 06:36

    I still want to attempt to create a Frankenstein lab and
    try and make a sex doll come alive through injecting it with conductive lube and hooking it to an electric sex toy power pack! *mad scientist laughter*