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... And All Because The Lady Loves

A study in Heliotrope

This week's Toy With Me Tuesday photo showcases a divine gift of pure pleasure in a pleasing and palatable purple. A royal treat isn't always about a jewel in your crown...

I love my Crystal Delights Butt Plug with Heliotrope Swarovski crystal! It's an absolutely stunning way to shine from behind! It was given to me by Shellie herself, creator of the Crystal Delights luxury butt plug range.

The Milk Tray was a delightful gift from a lovely person who simply adores Mistress Victoria. The purple shawl I thought elegantly matched my Crystal Delights butt plug so as I was playing around taking photographs (and who dosen't take pictures of their butt plugs?) I thought it looked quite inviting next to the box of chocolates. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Tune in next week for another thrilling adventure in sex toy photography with Toy With Me Tuesday.

Toy with me Tuesday

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