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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Happy Halloween From UberKinky

    Have a frightfully fun Uberween

    I love Halloween! It has always been my favourite holiday and back in America, we do it big style! Night clubs are ram packed, rows of haunted houses to tour through, mischief and house parties. Let's not forget all the creative costumes and candy! I was especially excited when Vixen Creations came out with their limited edition Leoweeenie dildos made in the same platinum silicone material but with bats!

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  • A Study in UberKinky

    Or what I like to call, a typical Saturday night!

    I've always loved red and black, these two very striking colours in my opinion have always exuded boldness as well decadance. If you ever met me in person, I am more than likely wearing one or both of these glorious colours! This week's Toy With Me Tuesday submission (mmmmm submission!) is called A Study in UberKinky, I chose some brightly coloured toys to go along with some of my own bits from home for an unforgettable UberKinky work of art.

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  • Open Wide!

    Horsing around with UberKinky!

    There's not much out there scarier than what goes on in the UberKinky Testing Dungeon and this week's Toy With Me Tuesday post was no exception. This week's theme is Kinky or Scary so I knew the perfect toy to fit into both. When asked if someone would model our Equine Speculum for me, everyone seemed to clench their cheeks as they all said "Neigh!" I only needed a hand model!

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  • The Beautiful Sounds of a Wind Chime

    What's that sound? Why it's the UberKinky Sound Windchime!

    These urethral sounds are music to your ears! For this week's Toy With Me Tuesday Post, we took the Cock Stuffing urethral sound set (coming soon to UberKinky!) and created a urethral sound wind chime to hang out back in our UberKinky garden. This project goes hand in hand with our UberKinky Beginners Guide to Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds where we've provided and in depth guide on how to safely play with your penis plug or urethral sound including UberKinky's picks for the absolute beginner.

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