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Open Wide!

Horsing around with UberKinky!

There's not much out there scarier than what goes on in the UberKinky Testing Dungeon and this week's Toy With Me Tuesday post was no exception. This week's theme is Kinky or Scary so I knew the perfect toy to fit into both. When asked if someone would model our Equine Speculum for me, everyone seemed to clench their cheeks as they all said "Neigh!" I only needed a hand model!

This cold, hard metal speculum held up against our cold, hard dungeon wall opens up to an eye watering 42cm (16.5 inches) in diameter, no wonder everyone whinnied in fear!

Tune in next week for another thilling adventure in Toy With Me Tuesday. Don't forget to follow the fun on Twitter with the hash tag #ToyWithMeTuesday.

Toy with me Tuesday

5 thoughts on “Open Wide!”

  • Midnight Boudoir
    Midnight Boudoir October 16, 2012 at 15:36

    Wow now I've seen everything now, I saw this a lot with my horses, but never for one moment thought about it for anything eyes are definitely watering....eep!
    Love the ladybird nails too.

  • Boston

    That is one intimidating speculum - You've definitely captured the theme, no doubt about that. I can't think of anything scarier at the moment.

  • Stace and Vi

    This is so raw and, yeah, scary as hell! Great choice! Stace and Vi @ AdultoysUK

  • Donna

    That is FREAKING incredible.. I wanna be bad so you lock me up in your dungeon ; )

  • llellsee

    Love the horny little devil bears gathering around the Jackhammer dildo :p and no pun intended but the head on that dildo looks divine!