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The Sound of Knitting

Ever try to knit in the round with urethral sounds?

It's not easy. I found I had knit myself into a corner once I got all the way around to the start of the loop. With the freezing weather we've been having lately, I thought it would be rather fitting to knit a woolly willy warmer for my mister with a set of sounds from our Deluxe Cock Stuffing Urethral Sounds Set. I didn't want him going around with a chilly willy!

Can you see the extra little fella poking his head out from under my desk there? Take a closer look... That's my erect stunt cock for photography! He's been spotted around UberKinky in the past, most recently as the brave soul modeling the Oxballs Nut Buster.

Here is the stunt cock circled for those who are really bad at Where's Willy.

Tune in next week for another exciting adventure in "Not Right in the Head Theatre" from your friends at UberKinky with Toy With Me Tuesday!

Toy with me Tuesday

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