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Well Hung

How do you hang your Kinkmas Cards?

Here at UberKinky, we've got a very special way of hanging our Christmas cards. As you may have guessed, we prefer our cards well hung (like so many other things) so when our Kinky Christmas Cards started rolling in this year we knew just how to keep them organized. We've strung them up and clipped them into place with Mawa Klamps! These nipple clamps are my personal favourite as they are not just limited to nipples! Try them on lips, labia, scrotums, crisp packets, sewing, laundry and as you see here...Christmas cards!

My, aren't we loved! We even got a card from the lovely folks at Give Lube!

And speaking of well hung, here's a corker from X Lube powdered lubricant (coming soon to UberKinky!) Ohh My!

That's it from UberKinky for 2012! Have a kinky Christmas and we wish you plenty of after care after you ring in the New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Well Hung”

  • boobaloo

    Thats a great idea, maybe I should try it, who would know? I also recognise a couple of those cards lols

  • Jane

    Ooh, ooh! Those look familiar! Such versatile little clamps, those Mawas :-). A very merry Christmas to you all, especially you Mistress Victoria. Jane x

  • KaziGrrl

    Nice! That's an excellent use for them :)

    ~Kazi xxx