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June Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar Review

Top quality fetish gear shops together under one roof - Perfect for a perverted day out!

The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, or the BBB as it's more commonly known as, is a vast wonderland filled to the rafters with fetish gear filled market stalls. Held on the third Sunday of every month from 11am to 5pm at The Nightingale Club on Kent Street in Birmingham, the atmosphere is one welcoming to both the beginner and the experienced. I attended the June event to see what everyone was raving about and I certainly wasn't disappointed!

As we walked in, we were greeted by Roy who explained the layout and answered any questions we had. He also pointed out his stall where he offered us relaxing head massages to relive the stress of driving into Birmingham down from UberKinky headquarters in Hull. Unfortunately because we had a late start that morning, we missed the Hypnosis and Suggestion in BDSM workshop complete with audience participation.

We then made our way through the winding market stalls, my submissive loves latex and I love PVC so we were both spoiled for choice! I purchased a PVC dress from Freak Clubwear which needed taking in a bit but they were quick to offer free alterations. Once my measurements were taken I was offered the choice of picking it up at the next BBB or to have it delivered. How's that for service!

Flogermeister Nunchuck Swivel FloggersIf you're looking for hitty things to play with, there was definitely no shortage. Every stall was brimming with impact toys where shoppers were invited to 'try before you buy.' I myself purchased a gorgeous pair of black and red Nunchuck Swivel Floggers from Floggermeister while my sub bought me an early birthday present from Jack's Floggers.

It was quite nice to catch up and get a cuddle from Terry who not only helps out regularly with the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar but is also involved in running Club Dominion, Compliance! and Hull Fet night. He made sure we were having a good time and were aware of all the wonderful things the BBB had to offer.

Once the market was over, things were quickly and efficiently taken down as staff were transitioning the place from market place to the Beyond Bizarre afterparty and fetish event which began promptly at 6pm. After a quick wardrobe change we made our way to the third floor where we were once again met with greeters to give us the grand tour. We sat in one of the many chill out areas overlooking the main play area which was filled with many pieces of bondage furniture and shibari rope suspension rings just waiting for their next victims.

At 6:30 there was a workshop held by Mistress Aemilia Hawk where she demonstrated Florentine flogging (two handed flogging). She went over the different types of floggers as she skilfully flung each flogger in different patterns. There was a talk about general safety, things to remember as well as the all-important aftercare involved after a good flogging session.

Once that was out of the way, Miss Aemilia invited all brave enough to come up and grab a pair of floggers and give Florentine flogging a go. She demonstrated the four point Florentine and soon the room was alive with flinging floggers! Once she saw most of us had the hang of it, she invited our flogging bunnies up to give us some experience in using this new technique under her supervision, giving pointers to any who needed them.

As the demo came to a close, she offered to stay behind to give one-on-one advice to any who wanted it. I stayed behind to get advice on my six point Florentine flogging and with just a bit of advice and guidance, I nailed it. My sub and I stayed to chat with her for a while between new and eager students before making the trip back up to Hull.

All in all The BBB was a fantastic fetish filled day and would suit anyone even remotely interested in the fetish scene. Everyone from market stall holders to other shoppers were more than happy to help explain or even demonstrate how to get the most out few found bondage gear.

For more information about the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, please visit their website or join their very helpful FetLife group.