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Paddle Ball - UberKinky Style!

What a kinky way to 'beat' the heat!

It’s been hot in our UberKinky dungeons! Although we’ve got slaves fanning us as we work hard to bring you the best bondage gear in the UK, we also need a little rest from the grind. We took this opportunity to take a break and play a bit of paddle ball UberKinky style with the Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle!

Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle - Paddle Ball

Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle - Paddle BallWe chose the scenic industrial setting of the back of our warehouse to catch a bit of that rare British sun. Our UberKinkateers Tia and Ellie played their hearts out as Mistress Victoria kept score. The Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddles seemed to work quite well as paddle ball racquets! Cheers and applause were heard from the factory workers across the river from us as the game got a bit intense.

Each player leapt and dove for the ball; there were a few close calls where we were afraid the ball was going in the drink! We all had fun getting a bit of fresh air, well as fresh as you can get when you work behind a cocoa factory and a tannery! It sure makes a change from the same old dungeon walls.

Here at UberKinky, we love being a bit imaginative and silly with our vast array of bondage gear and extreme dildos, we’re just glad we have a way to share it with our adoring public. Give us a shout if there's anything you'd like to see!

We managed to get a few pictures of our excursion out doors to share with the Toy With Me Tuesday readers. Enjoy, and if you're heading outdoors keep hydrated and don’t skimp on the sun cream!Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle

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