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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • R.A.C.K. vs. S.S.C. Philosophies in BDSM

    Do you choose a side or prefer to straddle the fence?

    Are you a R.A.C.K. player or are you an S.S.C player? These two ways of life in the kink filled world have caused battle upon battle not unlike the great ‘which side should the loo roll hang in the holder’ war. These two terms have divided the experts but have always seemed nearly have the same idea as far as safety is concerned in play time.

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  • Happy Halloween!

    Is This a Trick or a Treat?

    It's nearly Halloween and for this week's Toy With Me Tuesday I've carved up an UberKinky pumpkin! I chose to haunt our UberKinky UberKinkateers with a Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug jack-o-lantern shining in all its glory from our UberKinky HQ window. Are you scared? Join us next time for another fun filled Toy With Me Tuesday!

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  • Look out for UberKinky in Skin Two Magazine Issue 65

    UberKinky in the media!

    Did you happen to spot us in the latest issue of Skin Two Magazine? Within the pages of the ever popular fetish filled magazine you’ll find our advert with a special discount for Skin Two readers. Pick up an electronic copy from KFS Media and enjoy the latest news, erotic fiction and eye-popping cutting edge art.

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  • Ask Mistress Victoria - Peggy's Problems with Pegging

    How to make pegging fun for the budding Fem-Domme

    Dear Mistress Victoria,

    I love my partner and our play time is always full of fun and adventure. We are both always up for trying something new and recently we've gotten into pegging on his request. He's of course over the moon with me bending him over and taking control with my strap on dildo but if I'm completely honest... I get a little bored during the act!

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  • The Party's Over

    You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!

    Our month long birthday bash has been an absolute blast here at UberKinky headquarters! We’ve had so much cake we’re all fit to burst. We’ve given away many great birthday presents to our ever wonderful UberKinky customers as a heartfelt thank you for making us the fetish fuelled powerhouse we are today. The party is over for now but it looks like we have one last gimpy guest!

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