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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • International Male Chastity Day

    What?! You’ve never heard of it? Well, we’ll try not to be too hard on you guys. After all, this 15th February marks the first ever UberKinky International Male Chastity day! So we want to know; how will you be celebrating? Continue reading

  • Have An UberKinky Valentine's Day

    Looking for something UberKinky to help you celebrate this Valentine’s? Then you’ve come to the right place! It may be the thought that counts, but everyone needs a helping hand occasionally and that’s where we come in. So forget the chocolates and flowers, why don’t you skip the soppy stuff and get them something they’ll actually enjoy? And if we know you guys as well as we think we do, one of the following items is sure to spark your interest. So, if you and your partner like all things kinky, but you need a little advice on choosing a gift that’s as extreme as you are, here are our UberKinky suggestions;

    Continue reading

  • Have A Kinky Valentine's This February

    Let’s get something straight; we know that you’re not selfish when it comes to buying the perfect gift. But, why not get them something that you can both enjoy? After all, it is Valentine’s Day. Romance may be dead, but kink certainly isn’t! So, if you want to get something that will really excite and please them, you’re definitely in the right place. Now, we’re not short on kinky commodities here at UberKinky, so how do you know where to start looking? Well, if you’re struggling for ideas, but are kinky curious, here are some of our all time favourites;

    Continue reading

  • Have A Vanilla Valentine's With UberKinky

    That’s right people; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So the pressure is on you to find that all important gift. Any ideas? Well luckily for you we’ve got lots, and they’re all things that you can enjoy too. After all, Valentine’s is a day to celebrate being together; so why not do what you do best and enjoy some supreme sex play? If you thought it couldn’t get any better, then you’re in for a real treat! For those who are not quite Uber-Kinky, but enjoy the odd bit of experimentation; check out our recipe for a very vanilla Valentine’s;

    Continue reading

  • International Fetish Day 2014

    Perverts Wear Purple

    It’s that time again folks! So get digging in those drawers and rummaging in that wardrobe, because purple is the new black. That’s right, UberKinky friends; International Fetish Day 2014 is upon us, so pull on your something purple and wear it with pride. This is the one day of the year that we ‘perverts’ can be ‘out and proud’, so let’s make the most of it. Continue reading

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