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Win a Humbler for a Stretch in CBT

Are you looking to score big now that everyone has football fever? UberKinky is giving away one gorgeous wooden humbler to one very lucky kinkster in honour of the World Cup Kick Off this week. This is a whole new ball game and what better way to enjoy the festivities than with some brutal CBT.

Designed to restrict movement and keep your male sub in a submissive position, the humbler is a tried and trued favourite for cock and ball torture and can be used in a multitude of ways. The humbler is ergonomically shaped to grab hold tight of the testicles, pull the balls away from the body and wrap around the base of the bum. The more you submissive wiggles, the more they are pulling on their own ball sack. To win your very own wooden humbler, enter to win below with our easy to use Rafflecopter widget. You can even enter every day!

For more information about cock and ball torture, be sure to read our comprehensive Beginner's Guide to CBT.

Humbler for CBT Fun Humbler for CBT Fun

34 thoughts on “Win a Humbler for a Stretch in CBT”

  • Tracey Thompson
    Tracey Thompson June 9, 2014 at 12:40

    My favourite form of CBT is a very simple thing I came across recently actually! It's a kiddies elastic band gun! I had to buy tighter elastics than the ones provided when I bought it but the anticipation created when I aim it and they are just waiting for that "twang" to happen, delicious! :)
    Good luck in the comp everyone!

  • Inf

    My favourite form of CBT is definitely penis plug and some shoelaces to tighten it with them finishing tying around the balls.

  • Richard

    My favourite form of CBT?? simple is better but its the vulnerability that CBT brings that makes things interesting.

  • ToxicCobalt
    ToxicCobalt June 9, 2014 at 19:15

    My favorite form of CBT is electro play!

  • Mistress Jacqui
    Mistress Jacqui June 9, 2014 at 19:19

    Kiddie hair bobbles with spikey balls on when subbie is out and about. In session, snug cock ring and a crop lol.

  • Percy Bromley
    Percy Bromley June 9, 2014 at 19:30

    I'm very much into long term metal charity belt wearing myself. The kind that can be hidden under everyday clothes in the office etc. I quite fancy something like this as it's a more explicit device that'll keep my mind ficused on my key holder lover.

  • Steve DORE

    My favourite form of CBT is to wear my ballweight, with the inside smothered with icy hot, and to then have my ball sack and cock wiped with raw split chillies.


  • IanG

    It has to be hot wax but weights are good as well

  • Alex

    My favourite CBT would have to be impossible task setting. Forcing the sub to cause their own place by setting them a task (ie reaching for a toy from the top shelf -out of even standing reach- whilst wearing a humbler).
    Made all the more fun with punishments for not immediately complying!

  • alwyn kirk

    love the punishment

  • falodir

    My favourite form of CBT? Hrm... I have a thing for Kali's Teeth and the like. omigod, makes that erection terrifying.


  • colin kahler
    colin kahler June 10, 2014 at 07:07

    The best way keep you slave humble.

  • Peter

    I think weights and ball stretching are fun.

  • cagator

    tight bondage with some ball slapping.

  • Jim

    Most brilliant form of control equipment for a slave you can't run anywhere 100% Vulnerable and excessible to punishment and humiliation. Always dreamt to be in that position really hope I would win this journey of a lifetime...

  • Simon

    I haven't tried it yet - but I want someone to use nettles on me! Doesn't need any equipment - other than gloves - but has amazing potential for pain

  • paul

    deep heat and good old slapping works for me

  • martin Baillie
    martin Baillie June 10, 2014 at 18:27

    My favourite cbt is having my hands tied behind my back, stood in front of my mistress and.being whipped from side to side across the cock. Sometimes I am forced to wear tights as this restricts my cock.

  • Slave No12

    The humbler to have me on all fours while my mistress whips me .I can move so the whip hits different parts of the body .But mistress can reposition herself for maximum effect .

  • catman

    My fav CBT is probably electro play. I'm just imagining the fun you could have with one of these humblers and a Violet Wand !

  • Robert

    Thoughts? Every good Pup should be on all fours... this would keep me in that position and my Owner very happy. Combine that with my tail, CB3000 and pup hood, I'm hoping that this Pup will be trained in many ways.

  • Robert

    Should really mention that so far my favourite form of CBT is clothespegs covering my balls and taint.. but that with a humbler could be awesome!

  • Andy

    My favourite form of CBT is anything with my darling Mistress. Actually my fav is when my arms and legs are restrained in a door frame and my Mistress reminds me of her abilities in marshal arts as she takes off her shoes

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  • john

    The Humbler? That's what Croatia are doing to Brazil ;-)

  • John

    My favoruite CBT is a Vampire Glove handjob ... which hurts like hell!

  • Travis

    My fav is when iam hung up buy my hands with a ball spreader on and having my balls smacked buy mistress eg wife and having my cock played with

  • Sissy Vero

    My favorite form of CBT is having my balls trapped in a tight metal ring with weights hanging from it. Then having my clitty teased to the edge of orgasm followed by being locked back in my chastity cage. The humbler would be such a great addition to my toybox.

    sissy vero

  • sissy vero

    My favorite form of CBT is having my balls trapped in a tight metal ring with weights hanging from it. Then being teased to the edge of orgasm followed by being locked back up in my chastity cage. The humbler would be such a great addition to my toy box.

    sissy vero

  • Gilly

    My favourite CBT was making my own humbler with 2 pencils and elastic bands for my Mistress

  • Sandystrachan
    Sandystrachan June 15, 2014 at 16:11

    I got a pairn of vampire gloves (leather full of spikes)I enjoy when she grabs my balls with them , she also slaps both cock and balls with them too.

    Then theres kicking , deep heat and elastic bands .

  • Stu

    My favourite cbt is when my Mistress/wife has me completely mummified in bandages and plastic wrap with just the necessary bits exposed, in my oxballs sling, and she pulls and squeezes them for hours and hours!

  • BlackAsphodel
    BlackAsphodel June 16, 2014 at 19:20

    I haven't done any CBT myself, but from what I've seen in porn, I enjoy it when the balls are tied with rope, pulled away from the body and slapped with the palm while the cock is stroked until the guy comes. I also like seeing some cock polishing afterwards until the sub is begging for it to stop.

  • Gritty Woman

    I love tying his cock in rope and spanking it. The wartenburg pinwheel is great too, but my favourite form of "torture" is locking him in chastity 24/7.