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Win a Doxy Massager for UberKinky's Birthday

By now you’ve heard about the world’s most powerful wand massager. The Doxy massager is said to be up to 30% more powerful than the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Doxy Massager’s thrilling multi-speed vibrations range from its lowest setting of 3000 RPM up to an earth shattering maximum of 9000 RPM. This thing is a beast but never fear, the flexible neck and cushioned cover make this powerhouse an all-around winner when it comes to pleasure.

Would you like to try out this ultra powerful vibrator for yourself? Enter our Rafflecopter give-away to win your very own Doxy Massager Wand valued at £89.99 for FREE in your choice of pink, black or white. You’ve got to be in it to win it so be sure to enter every day with our easy to use Rafflecopter give away below. Be sure to enter every day.

Note: The Doxy Massager comes with a UK plug. Because of this the give-away is open to countries which use the UK plug.

As if you needed a reason to try out a Doxy Wand, here's our 4 Reasons You Should Try Wand Massagers to get you started.

66 thoughts on “Win a Doxy Massager for UberKinky's Birthday”

  • Guillermo

    I'm curious about this wand that I always see on videos!

  • MinxyMischief

    I NEED this in my life!

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  • Rebecca Armstrong
    Rebecca Armstrong September 15, 2014 at 15:27

    yep i want this in my life ... i need something my partner just doesnt do anything with me any more :( my Fetlife pictures are from my friends antics

    looks well fun .. this plus my ropes = oh yeah ... would def post some pics to Fetlife too

  • betty m rudy

    Ive always heard so much greatness about this device. I need to win this So i can see what all the hubbub is about!

  • Lucyin_thesky

    I have heard so much about doxy massager!! I need one in my life because it looks so much more superior to my wand !

  • jenna

    I need one of these. The one I have is only 2 speeds.

  • Ian

    Got a lower spec version I've been using on my partner for a while now, would love to see her reaction if I get this out to play.

  • james

    Would love to win this. Been promising to try something new with the partner, I'm thinking this with the cuff to clamps restraints...

  • HappyLad92

    I've always been curious about trying a wand, they just look so versatile and stylish. As an Transman I really appreciate a substantial and powerful toy for external pleasure use. I love the fact that I could choose the colour; black all the way. Really hope I get it, this tool will look so good in my belt ;D

  • James

    Been saying we'd try something new with the partner for a while. I'm thinking this and a pair of cuff to clamp restraints and maybe the beginners ball gag...

  • Sam

    If I'm going to be my bottoms fairy godfather, I'll need a magic wand.

    (Inclusion of wings optional.)

  • Lisa Pepper

    Me and my husband love our toys so a Doxy would be a great addition to our collection!

  • Carl

    I think my wife and i could have some very good fun with this!!!

  • Fred Bassett

    My wife loves wands, she uses one at least once a day.

  • Pjsgirl

    Omg!!!! This would be amazing as I break sex toys quite frequently, I've not broken my Hitachi yet!!!!! But its losing the battle, poor thing is on its last legs!
    Seriously need a replacement ;-)

  • Khris

    Need one of these

  • Rhondda Lad

    I've seen them in a few different videos and want to see if they feel as good as they look!

  • Louise Bonny

    The main reason I want to win a Doxy is the fact it's 30% more powerful than the other type, and the other type is capable of all sorts so I would love my OH to use a doxy on me...I'd have to hide it for when he went back to his RAF base though so I could keep using it ;)

  • Delilahcat

    I want a Doxy cos I wanna see what all the fuss is about!

  • Ade

    We've heard so much about this wife can't wait to get her hand on one....

  • Tristan Neilson
    Tristan Neilson September 15, 2014 at 20:08

    I love vibrating wands there awesome :) I've gotta try this one since it's meant to be most powerful :3

  • richard

    I need this because I want to see my partner swerm as I make her cum over and over with it ;)

  • link

    Im really interested to give the worlds most powerful vibrator a whirl

  • holly

    I would love a doxy massager because it's a seriously fun looking piece of kit (and could probably;y sort a few back knots too :) haha
    Holly (real name hannah B)

  • sandy

    I had a wand before that didnt live up to the hype :( I would like to see if the Doxy lives up to its hype .

  • Xarra

    We would really like a new wand - they're one of the few things that get me to explode and this one looks like it'd be great fun!

  • Beck

    I want a Doxy because I know it is awesome. I want to gift one to my mother.

  • Chris

    I need this because our current wand is quite worn down, and the extra power will drive her crazy when she is bound and blindfolded :)

  • Berty

    I want to tiens up my girlfriend and make her come till she begs for mercy

  • Carla Mills

    I need this to let the good times roll, or bus as the case may be here. Have never experienced one of these before. Xx

  • Martin

    I'd like to see how my wife reacts when I stimulate her with this device.

  • gem

    I would like the doxy to see if it's as good as all the reviews say it is.

  • FoxxyFB

    I've got a wand and I love it. But since seeing the doxy I've been itching to try it and see how it compares. Heard wonderful things!

  • H. GeekGirl

    I'd like a Doxy because everyone I know who has tried one raves about them. Would like to see if it lives up to the hype and review it on my blog.

  • H Geekgirl


    I'd like a Doxy massager because everyone I know who has tried one raves about it.
    I'd like to see if it lives up to the hype and review it for my blog.


  • slhavne

    I would love to win this for my wife...with our anniversary coming up this month, this present would really put me in her good books

  • Steve

    My partner and I love the Buzz of a good toy,and i think the Doxy would be the Ultimate toy to bring us to some Fantastic Climaxes. mmmmmmm!!!!

  • Danny

    My so would really enjoy this, would be a great suprise to add to a christmas bundle... or maybe just a weekend

  • Glen

    Only a wand can bring a little magic

  • Myra

    I've never had a Doxy or a Magic Wand, or anything like that. I've only ever had a little bullet vibrator to try to climax with. Honestly, if nothing else, I would absolutely LOVE to try a Doxy and see how it compares. Probably a MUCH stronger rumble. ;)

  • Jake B

    I want to win this for my girlfriend! She needs this when she's away at college!

  • Jeremy

    Need this for the wife!

  • Paul S

    Coz I really need to try out the most powerful massager on my wife.

  • Ash

    Still haven't found something strong enough for the both of us... perhaps this will hit our limits ;-)

  • Lauren

    Foxy needs a Doxy.

  • John Patterson

    I hear the power is wonderful

  • Casscraig

    Uberkinky is the best! Any1 that doesn't use it is stupid!!!!! My fiencee loves her old wand would love to see her try this doxy so please please let me win it for her!!

    Thank you thank you thank yoooouuuuuuuu!!!!

  • Matty

    I want to make my wife squirt! Only a Doxy will do.

  • CJ

    Have been saving up for a wand for ages but as I'm unemployed at the moment the saving is going slow and very discouraging. Need something like this in my life, and also for me to post results on Fetlife with!

  • sarah c

    I've always wanted one never had the money. Just got dumped could use a great toy for company.

  • HappyComeLucky

    I would love a Doxy. I have made a storage pouch for a friend's one but would love one of my own.

  • Paula

    would love to win this doxy massager, it would be a great addition to my collection for the master x x
    Have heard great reviews about it on twitter. x

  • haofai

    want want want buzzzzzz

  • Jules

    Would love to win the Doxy in purple, haven't had a vibrator since my ex broke the last one - I didn't ask and don't want to know :-)

  • Ele

    I'd love one to see how far I can take myself! I achieve good orgasms from many of the toys I own but I'm still on the lookout for one which delivers all & will leave me screaming in ecstasy!

  • Pete James

    My lady and I would love to win this because we want the best and most powerful wand out there. And the design and color is sleek and nice to look at. Also, we would definitely use this for our "pleasure torture" fun in the bedroom ;P

  • Denise Smith

    i would like to have the doxy because i would like to have orgasm myself during sex i love to win this one need a really great wand like this one

  • Myxo

    I think my wife would love the Doxy. Would be maybe the best addition to our sextoy collection.

  • KatyKatScratch

    Wand Massagers have always interested me and have yet to try one, they look very fun!

  • Mirjana R

    I would love to win because it is so powerful! I only have one small ordinary one, Doxy will be nice change :)

  • Sand

    I've heard nothing but positive feedback from it and would love to try it for myself.

  • Dan J

    Happy birthday UberKinky! Would love to make my fiancee squirm with this Doxy wand. She loves her battery powered one, so cant imagine what she would feel using this!

  • Tracey Peach

    Happy Birthday!

    I'm single so would love a doxy to reach the highest highs xxx

  • Kindred (@Kindred29)
    Kindred (@Kindred29) September 22, 2014 at 22:45

    I've never tried a wand type vibrator, and certainly not something with this much power, and I would love it.

  • Apricot

    I'm so curious if it's actually the most powerful wand!