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Win a Pair of Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers

Tired of all the sickly sweet Christmas promotions you're being bombarded with? Looking to give your Christmas Wish List a good twist? Look no further, UberKinky is here to kink up your Christmas and guarantee a nefarious New Year. Because you've all been naughty UberKinksters all through the year, Father Christmas has an extra special gift left in his bulging sack for one lucky kinkster. Fancy your chances at wining an extra special Christmas gift this year? We're giving away a pair of Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers just in time for a kinky Christmas celebration.

The Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers can provide anything between a gentle sucking sensation to a high powered vacuum with just a turn of the knob. These easy to use nipple suckers are just the thing for heightening the sensation of those tender nipple buds before a good nipple play session.

Simply lube up the rim with a little water based lubricant to ensure a good seal and then place them firmly over the nipple. Now twist the knob to find the perfect amount of pressure to get those nipples popping. After a short amount of time simply twist the knobs in the opposite direction to release the pressure and remove the cylinders. If you thought a pinwheel was painful before, wait till you try it after some super strong nipple suction courtesy of these Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers!

Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers

You have to be in it to win it so in order to win your very own pair of Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers then enter to win using our Rafflecopter widget. This give-away is open world wide and there's even an opportunity to enter daily. Get those entries in and soon enough you could have a perky pair of nipples to be proud of.

17 thoughts on “Win a Pair of Size Matters MaxTwist Nipple Suckers”

  • Rebecca Armstrong
    Rebecca Armstrong December 15, 2014 at 15:32

    Oh they will look pretty on my nipples

    Def going to post a pic on my FL if I win of them and 1 of them in use

  • David

    these look awesome would love them

  • Sarah

    These look like so much fun I really want to try them out!

  • Guillermo

    I've never tried nipple suckers, only clamps once in the past (ouch, painful).

    I'm curious about this...

  • Christina

    I've tried clamps and being pulled like weights, but never suckers. I am very curious about these. I bet they feel amazing!

  • sandystrachan

    My favourite form of nipples play is using icelolly and then sucking and biting the frozen stiff fruity nipples.

  • French T

    Never Tried this, just clamps with weights.

  • BlackAsphodel

    I think I'd enjoy some (not too tight) nipple clamps with a bit of weight to them when they dangle.

  • Gilly11111

    I've never tried suckers, just clamps, clothes pegs etc so would love to experience a new sensation

  • steve

    I only pinch my nipples but this does intrest me alot

  • Brian Rogers

    I wonder what my wife would think...... ;-)

  • Tomoshino

    Since I've only really experimended with clamps, clamps are my favorite form of nipple play. I've always been curious about how these feel compared to a nipple clamp. Can they be painful or are they mostly just pleasurable. I hope I win so I can find out first hand.

  • Andrew Halliwell
    Andrew Halliwell December 18, 2014 at 19:04

    I've never had much success with nipple clamps, they always tend to slide off, those suckers might me just enough to make them stand out more so they can get a better grip

  • Sam

    Looks like twisted fun for twisted people! For people where normal nipple fun is not enough and it needs a bit more pressure.

  • Daniel

    Love the feeling when my fiancee licks my nipple followed by sharpe bite! I have a few clamp sets, but never tried weights or suckers

  • Martin

    our favourite is to play with ice cold fruits like grapes around the nipples, and than eat them

  • Ashley

    I quite like light teasing followed by rougher play. They definitely are my main erogenous zone right now.