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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • The First Annual UberKinky Birthday Bake-Off

    We've had a wonderful ninth birthday here at UberKinky HQ. We gave away a very lush restraints set, we gave our shoppers a massive 20% off discount, we raised money for charity and we have overindulged in the finest kinky edibles. We partied hearty and somehow still managed to get our work done (honest!). Now we would like to share the camaraderie and kinky consumables that were shared as we passed yet another milestone.
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  • UberKinky's Big Birthday Giveaway 2015

    We know this give-away is running a little late but with today's breaking news about a certain political leader and his piggy past blew up the internet we just couldn't resist. As you may already know it's our 9th birthday this year and the month long celebration is still going strong. What sort of goodies have we got in store for you this week?
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  • Name That Sex Toy - Round 4

    We're half way through our birthday celebrations here at UberKinky and once again it's time to Name That Sex Toy! Just like last time, we're keeping the answers private until tomorrow morning where I will pick a winner at random from all the correct answers. Now people who are at work all day or who simply missed out on playing can join in on the fun and get an equal chance. Fair enough? Good. Let's get on with the game then!
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  • Cara Sutra invades UberKinky!

    There is nothing wrong with your internets. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will take you on a journey. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your internets. You are about to participate in a fantastic adventure. What you are about to see is a documented account of an actual invasion. You are about to witness the true account of the day Cara Sutra invaded the erotic fortress that is UberKinky HQ to help kick off our month long birthday celebration.
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