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Win a Gold CB6000 in our Male Chastity Day 2016 Giveaway

Happy Male Chastity Day!!!! Have you locked up your love today? The 15th of February 2016 marks the third ever Male Chastity Day and we're so happy to see that the day has grown in leaps and bounds over the last three years. It's a day where everyone gets locked up whether it's for the first time or for the thousandth time and joins in on the sexy secret for at least the day.

Thousands of people all over the world regularly enjoy the thrilling fetish that is male chastity. Putting someone else in control of your erections, masturbation and orgasms can be quite an erotic power exchange. Whether your Keyholder wears your keys around their neck as a trophy or they send you seductive text messages and images all day, you'll certainly feel under their control.

If you've always been interested in the male chastity fetish then there's no better time than Male Chastity Day! Grab yourself a chastity device and try it out on your own before you hand the keys over to a trusted Keyholder. If you're really new to the fetish then be sure to read up on male chastity with our great beginner's guides. We've got a great Introduction to Male Chastity which explains the fetish and why so many people enjoy it so much.

Our Beginner's Guide to Male Chastity will provide you will realistic advice to help get you started so that you have a better idea of what to expect once your cock is on complete lock down. From the different types of devices, hygiene advice and even pointing out important things to consider this guide has helped many men get started on their journey into chastity. While our Five Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity is the perfect guide for couples where one partner is interested in introducing male chastity into the mix.

No Male Chastity Day is complete without a great UberKinky Giveaway! This week we're giving away a gold colour CB6000 Chastity Device supplied by A.L. Enterprises. Entering to win couldn't be easier. Get your entries in using the easy to use Rafflecopter widget. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. The question for the blog post answer is: Do you take part in International Male Chastity Day? Is this your first time or are you a regular chastity player?

Any comments similar to 'Thanks for the give away' or 'Great give away' will not be permitted. Commenters leaving these naughty comments will be subject to a spanking administered by Mistress Victoria. Spankings are not a part of the prize package. Don't forget to enter daily!

Male Chastity Day 2016 Male Chastity Day 2016

34 thoughts on “Win a Gold CB6000 in our Male Chastity Day 2016 Giveaway”

  • Don

    I am taking part in International Male Chastity Day.
    I've been a regular chastity wearer for a long time now. My longest record lockup was 153 days.
    Winning the contest and getting a new device would be greatly appreciated. My old device is showing signs of it's age (15+ years).

  • Kayla

    I actually didn't know there was an International Chastity Day until I found out from UberKinky. I've been reading up on chastity in celebration today! Definitely have an interest in this.

  • Stephen Barnes

    I think I may have been a bad boy.....

  • Dene Gillespie

    I wasn't aware it was male chastity day today, however my Mistress orders me into chastity every Monday And lets me out for the weekend. But, and only but if I have pleased her over said weekend. We have several chastity devices some more comfortable than the others. Which ever one she choses stays on for the duration. Ant addition to our collection can only enhance our lifestyle.

  • Andrew Halliwell
    Andrew Halliwell February 15, 2016 at 20:02

    Looks nice, already got the clear one bit that gold one would look nice to be locked into.

  • Paul m

    Every day is chastity day for me. We've regularly used a Holy Trainer (s) brought from uberkinky and I've hardly touched myself since. The misses loves it!

  • Mandy

    I would love to win this for my partner, just something we haven't tried yet .

  • David Jestice

    I have played with chastity for quite some time. I love the denial it gives me as my wife currently has me in the pink Cb6000. Would be nice to be rewarded with the prestiges Golden version.

  • Andrew Davis

    1st time

  • Ben

    I am forced to wear 24/7 and 365 ish so yes on this day like always

  • Denfor Hopkins

    I don't take part in International Male Chastity Day; didn't realised it existed: Is it my first time.

  • Kiurym

    My kitten tries to wear his chastity device daily, if he's awarded the privilege....all I have left to say is yay male chastity day.

  • terry davies

    My wife is really keen to try this on me - TPE, eh?

  • Tim

    I have never participated in male chastity, but I've gotten turned on line crazy reading about it and am very intrigued. World love to win this & give it a try! I'd not, I'll be buying one shortly...

  • Mark Faben

    Oddly, as yet, not taken part in male chastity day, though recently had my two longest (as yet) periods of chastity whilst staying with my Domme, over Christmas, the first for 7 days, and the second time for 10, with only a one day 'freedom' day inbetween (but whilst still under orgasm control). Definately now one of my favorate aspects of control to hand over to my doninant, as it gives sucha fundimental total sense of having surrendered up control that one normally takes so for granted, within the power exchange of a D/s relationship.

  • sherry

    I would like to try chastity but most devices fall off any tips

  • louise

    would go well with my gold sissy dress what a thing to be all matching you know the thing and the dress

  • Sheesh

    Still working up the confidence to try it, though she likes the idea of putting a lock on it so its all saved for her. Maybe my name will be pulled out of the hat and she will get her wish.

  • AaHoo

    Yes, I am. Now two weeks locked up.

  • Ray

    I've tried this only for so little. I'd like to go for longer than a day soon.

  • Incendiaire

    I've never taken part in International Male Chastity Day, or even tried chastity before, but it's always seemed like one of those things that would be interesting to experiment with.

  • Cheryl Price

    Nope never tried but we would love to , I'm always into trying new things and my partner will do as I say!! x

  • Will

    I've just started trying male chastity with my mistress and I have fallen head over heels for it this being the first male chastity day I have participated in. I would love to win to further my involvement into the fetish and the day. Not just a fetish it's a way of life!!!

  • French T

    No, Finally not this year, I'm now searching for a replacement for my old birdlock cage that has been torn.

  • William

    Being the first national male chastity day with my mistress was amazing and being in with a chance of potentially furthering our fetish would be great we've always been fetish supporters and to have a new device would mean more domination ( who doesn't want that!!!) it's not just a fetish it's a way of life!!!!!!

  • Ruth Harwood

    I haven't yet but will give it a try :)

  • feef

    No I'm not taking part, I don't have a chastity device (yet!). But I'm really interested!

  • Taylor

    I actually had no idea that male chastity day was a thing! However I've been wanting to experiment with further bondage role play and use one on my boyfriend for the first time! We're always open to new things and this would be a perfect opportunity ♡

  • Adrian Bold

    I had never even heard of it before. But since I'm single - its not something I have to worry about :)

  • Sebas

    I took part in World Chastity Day. This year is the first year I'm making a serious attempt. It's nice to read about more people starting on this day. It gives me strength to continue my journey.

  • Glyn Davies

    WTF, Well I suppose you should try everything at least once I your life

  • Rob

    Hi Uberkinky, Let me answer your questions!

    Do you take part in International Male Chastity Day?

    Nope, but I think next year I will!

    Is this your first time or are you a regular chastity player?

    I'm not a regular at chastity play but I am curious. The CB6000 looks like a fantastic toy!

  • Simon B

    How has no one mentioned how amazingly bling the gold cb6000 looks? Ali G eat your heart out

  • Brianna LeAnn

    I am taking part in Male Chastity Day. Today is 4 weeks and 1 day in a cb6000s for me. I am have many years experience at chastity (although not consecutively thank God. Maybe some day.