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Her Majesty's UberKinky Seek and Find

Happy 90th Birthday, Ma'am! It's Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday today and we're celebrating in the only way we know how... UberKinky style! We've got our bunting hanging and our little 'street party' luncheon planned out back for everyone here at UberKinky HQ. While we're celebrating this joyous occasion we wanted to include our UberKinky fans in on the celebration with yet another fun filled seek and find contest!

The Queen The Queen

If you've loved our 'Seek and Find' contests before, the rules are the same: go on the hunt on our wonderful site for four products with an UberKinkified Royal theme. List the four items you've found in the comments below. The comments will be kept hidden until the contest is over.

One person will be picked from the correct answers next Thursday morning 28 April. To qualify, you must give the full name or link of each item, anyone replying with 'PADDLE!' or similar will be disqualified. This contest will run for one week so you have plenty of time to search high and low to uncover those Raunchy Royal UberKinky products.

Get your entries in before Wednesday night at midnight. On Thursday morning we will reveal everyone's answers and we will pick a winner at random from the correct answers. Be sure to include your email address otherwise we can not contact you. This contest is open world wide so get searching! HINT: our two items used for Queening and face sitting are NOT the correct answers.

One lucky winner will receive a hand shaped leather paddle perfect for greeting your admirers with a gentle wave as well as a Fetish Fantasy Ring Gag perfect for adding to your own personal crown jewels collection. How's that for a bit of Her Majesty's Pleasure?

That's it! Your time is up, have you found all of our Royal UberKinky products? We've picked a winner at random using and the winner of Her Magesty's UberKinky Seek and Find is Paul M! Congratulations! Paul has until Friday afternoon (29 April) to get back to me with his delivery details otherwise the next person picked at random will receive the prize. For your curiosity, may we present to you the royal bondage gear!





12 thoughts on “Her Majesty's UberKinky Seek and Find”

  • GB

    1. RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness
    2. RED Bondage Sling
    3. Plain Black Face Mask
    4. Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • MBG

    1 is RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness
    2 is Plain Black Face Mask
    3 is RED Bondage Sling
    4 is Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • Daddy J

    RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness
    RED Bondage Sling
    Plain Black Face Mask
    Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • Max

    RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness, RED Bondage Sling, Plain Black Face Mask, Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • LivG

    RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness
    RED Bondage Sling
    Plain Black Face Mask
    Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • Milly

    1- RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness
    2- RED Bondage Sling
    3- Plain Black Face Mask
    4- Sportsheets Feather Tickler

  • French T

    Just found them:


  • Andrew Hanna

    Prince Albert Wand
    Swan Princess Vibrator
    Extra Long Fetish Queen Nails
    King Cock Ejaculating Dildo

  • Martin

    The four items are:
    (1) Sportsheets Feather Tickler
    (2) Plain Black Face Mask
    (3) RED Bondage Sling
    (4) RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness

  • Sabrina

    Hi, the 4 items are here:

  • Paul M

    1. RodeoH Low Rise Lace Panty Strap On Harness.
    2. RED Bondage Sling.
    3. Plain Black Face Mask.
    4. Sportsheets Feather Tickler.

  • Kyle Malone

    The four Royal Kinkafied items are;

    RED bondage sling
    Sportsheets feather tickler
    Plain black face mask
    RodeoH low rise lace panty strap on harness

    Uber Kinky... For kink & country!