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Happy Male Chastity Day 2017! Enter To Win a Spiral Chastity Device

Valentine's Day 2017 is done and over with. The chocolate has been eaten and the roses are now sat in a prime location to make other jealous. The day AFTER Valentine's Day is one that we're well antiquated with here at UberKinky! Every year on the 15th of February marks International Male Chastity Day! How do you celebrate such a momentous occasion? Well that's entirely up to your Keyholder isn't it? This year we're giving away one of our most popular chastity devices - The Spiral Male Chastity Device.

Male Chastity Day got its start long ago on Twitter and of course UberKinky had to get involved. Chastity Devices is one of our most popular categories and there may be one or two of us here at UberKinky HQ who are regular Keyholders to people in chastity. We not only sell the products, we use them ourselves. This is how we are able to give the best possible advice on the items we sell.

Speaking of advice, did you know we had a series of helpful advice on chastity? Read all about our beginner's guide to chastity as well as a beginner's guide to orgasm denial.

Entering to win couldn't be easier! Simply use the Rafflecopter widget to get your entries in. You can use the Tweet option daily to maximise your chances of winning. Be sure to read the instructions to the letter. Any comments similar to 'Thanks for the giveaway' or 'Great giveaway' will not be permitted; commenters leaving these naughty comments will be subject to a spanking administered by Mistress Victoria. Contest is open worldwide and spankings are not part of the prize package. Competition closes on 20/02/2017, so make sure you get your entries in beforehand so you don't miss out on your chance to win this amazing chastity device!

Spiral Chastity Device Spiral Chastity Device

28 thoughts on “Happy Male Chastity Day 2017! Enter To Win a Spiral Chastity Device”

  • Guillermo

    I didn't take part on the IMCD, but I hope to win the spiral and be locked maybe a month… or until I have to go through a metal detector!

  • Derick lee

    Id love to be locked in this for a few weeks

  • French T

    Hello here!

    Regular "user" of plastic devices to please Mistress.
    I hope to win this device to help Mistress try longer sentences.

    This year for International Male Chastity Day, Mistress locked me without any official release date...

    @Uberkinky: Thanks for this great contest... BUT I'm missing the little Seek and Find game ;) Are we going to see again these games in the future?

  • Random Orbit

    I did not know it was Male Chastity Day, but as it happens I AM celebrating it already. It was originally going to be 2 days, but I asked "why" so now it's a week? Light punishment? Maybe My Mistress is very nice.

  • Denis

    Didn't take part of IMCD, but it needs to change! I've tried chastity once before, but didn't have a comfortable one. How long? Of course we're talking about a permanent one!

  • Nick

    Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

  • Masok

    Really interested to try this for an extended period and put myself in the control of my partner

  • Lexy

    I've never used a chastity device but I think it could make self bondage more interesting.

  • Sub Hub

    Can't wait to be locked in a new device

  • Laurent Shama

    Happy is the man kept under lock and key....happy is the person who holds his key and denies him for their pleasure.

  • Paul Thody

    I have been using a plastic chastity tube for the past couple of months. Its comfortable and works well. I would now like to try chastity where you can be teased mercilessly at the same time. The trouble with plastic is it is pretty well all encompassing. A cage offers a lot more opportunity to have some physical contact.

  • Laurent

    Happy is the man kept under lock and key.....happy is the person who holds their key and denies them for their pleasure.

  • Sian Healey

    Love the look of this, would much rather see a sub in this than a CB6000

  • Dekka

    Winning a spiral is sure to get me in a spin!!

  • KinkyDenim

    I've not tried a metal cage before, so this could take my chastity to a whole new level. And it would give my keyholder new options to keep me under her control.

  • bj

    my mistress would love to lock me in this!!! |: -]

  • fred

    I would love an upgrade to this cage

  • Andrew Halliwell
    Andrew Halliwell February 15, 2017 at 23:22

    If I locked myself up, until it got uncomfortable.

    But I'd hope to leave that decision in the hands of someone else. It's not a man in chastity's choice to be released. Shouldn't be anyway.

  • Paul m

    We regularly practice chastity and if we win this I'll be locked for a week :)
    Happy male chastity day!

  • stevew

    Holidaying in Bangkok and my wife wants me locked up !

  • @steve15171

    6 days in chastity without release, 44 of days and less than 4 hours of release with 2 orgasms. All for Goddess @themistressb

  • Odin Blair

    have a boy who really needs some chastity training so he can concentrate on what is important

  • Maarten B.

    I didn't take part, I didn't know something like this excisted. Better luck next year. I have a male chastity device, a cheap metal one, since summer last year. I mostly use it no longer than 24 hours. Since a couple of weeks now, my wife is participating in it, keeping the keys etc. Perhaps we will take it up a notch and make the time wearing it longer

  • Sara

    Mmmmm want my sub locked up while he is away, I'll shall hold the key and only permit him to orgasm when I decide it's time!!

  • Dan

    I've always been curious (and horny) and I think this would be an amazing surprise present for the wife she would get a real thrill out of controlling me.... I think I might enjoy it to come to think of it but I guess I'll have to wait and see!

  • Cpop

    Come on baby, daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

  • DS1

    Hot invests gets that tesstoaterone level peaking just driving you nuts pardon the pun

  • Michael

    Hey yes, I would like to enter and become a chaste slave. Please, let me go this way, take care of me and my needs. Thank you!