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Birdlocked Mini Vs. CB6000S Chastity Showdown

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Birdlocked Mini Vs. CB6000S Chastity Showdown
By 15 August 2013 548 Views

It’s the Chastity Challenge show down!

We’ve put our two most popular shorter length chastity devices head to head in a battle to prove once and for all who’s got a smaller profile. In the ring today we have the brawny Birdlocked Mini silicone chastity device going up against the polycarbonate powerhouse CB6000S. [caption id="attachment_295" align="alignright" width="320"]CB6000S Vs Birdlocked Mini Chastity Challenge CB6000S Vs Birdlocked Mini Chastity Challenge[/caption]This tenacious duo of chastity devices were designed for those who prefer a snug fit or simply for men who have a small penis. Either way, these two devices are our most popular models here at UberKinky and we’re here to finally settle the debate. A customer wrote in and asked us about the Birdlocked Mini and the CB6000S. While the Birdlocked Mini chastity device cage measured in at 2.12 inches, the CB6000S cage measured 2.5 inches. He did point out that the Birdlocked Mini seemed to have a thicker cock ring than the CB6000S so he was curious as to which device was actually the smallest. We figured the best way to find out was to put these two in a line up side by side. While the Birdlocked Mini had a shorter cage, the overall profile of the CB6000S was shorter by about 2cm. This side by side comparison also illustrated the angle at which each chastity device pointed to give a better idea on how the device will sit on the body once someone is locked in chastity. So there you have it, although the Birdlocked Mini has a shorter cage, the thicker cock ring means it’s the CB6000S that wins in the overall lower profile competition. Next time we’ll do a complete all brands chastity device police line up to show you how each device rates compared to each other. [caption id="attachment_296" align="aligncenter" width="750"]CB6000S Vs Birdlocked Mini Chastity Challenge CB6000S Vs Birdlocked Mini Chastity Challenge[/caption]