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Getting Lubed Up In The Office

Getting Lubed Up In The Office
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Getting Lubed Up In The Office

Yes, you read that right! But don’t worry this isn’t going to be another saucy erotica. Nowhere in this will you read about her burning loins or how their eyes locked, for which seemed like an eternity. This is purely educational, the fun naughty kind!

Training with ID Lubricant’s very own Rachel...

Or at least that’s what we were doing, I’m pretty sure someone somewhere got a sales pitch encouraging Überkinky to buy more stock! That said, Rachel was great, very informative, plus we all left wet and sticky which is always a bonus. You’re probably thinking by now, hang on a minute, is there really anything you need to know about Lube? In short, yes! Stick with me and by the end of this you’ll know everything you need to know about lube. Your toy maintenance and sex life will improve dramatically so keep reading!

Glide, Natural Feel…

Let’s start with some good old water based lube, it’s great to go with anything and likely to be the most common lube you’ll find. It’s even in use by the NHS and recommended by doctors. Why you might ask? Well its Hypoallergenic, which in a nutshell means it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, plus its compatible with condoms and all toys! You’ve probably already guessed from its name, but this feels as close as you’re going to get to natural lubrication. Then why use anything else? You’ll understand soon enough!

Sensation, Warming…

Looking for a hot night? Look no further, this will certainly turn up the heat. It will keep the heat going all night long as it contains four ingredients which you’ll find in a very popular energy drink. You’ll be like a bull in a china shop! Concerned about how it makes you hot? Don’t be, simply a small amount of menthol creates the sensation, also giving it a great fresh smell.

Millennium, Longest Lasting…

This is where things get slippery! You’ll definitely need to shower after this bad boy because this isn’t going anywhere without soap. Premium Silicone lubricants are perfect for water play as they are waterproof which is great fun. Silicone lube is latex friendly but remember keep it away from your silicone toys! It will likely wear down the surface and degrade your beloved toys. Which let’s face it, that’s heart wrenching.

Velvet, Body Glide…

This is fit for Her Majesty the Queen Herself. You’ll never feel anything like it. The name is very fitting, it really does feel like liquid velvet. This is Silicone based but it isn’t as thick as the others, but don’t despair it’s still waterproof! Velvet, body glide is even used amongst athletes to apply where they are likely to get sores, it really is that durable and kind to the skin. So, don’t forget, if you ever get caught with a bottle of lube, just tell them you’re an athlete!

I've Cum...

To the end! Water based lubricants are a safe bet that everyone can enjoy and the toys and condoms will be safe too! If you’re looking for anal or water play be sure to use one of the silicone lubes to reduce friction and maximise your fun. But remember, silicone lubes should stay away from silicone toys.

So now you know, all lube is great, wetter really is better!

22 September 2017