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Hands Up!

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Hands Up!
By 8 January 2013 321 Views

Who Loves UberKinky?

Wow! It looks like from the show of hands, UberKinky is well loved and our fans love fisting! Take a look and see if you recognize any familiar fists. My personal favourite has to be the Oxballs Rex who sadly is currently on clearance. We've also got back in the back The Hand Fisting Toy still wrapped in shrink wrap because I thought he looked creepier that way, The Fist of Victory, The red and black Oxballs Fist and from Creative Mouldings: Double Fist Dildo, The Handyman Fist Dildo and The Fist Fisting Dildo.

Fisting Dildos

I especially love the level of detail in the Oxballs Fist butt plugs. Oxballs Fist

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