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Happy Birthday Jeff Goldblum! Enter to Win with our Seek and Find Giveaway

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Happy Birthday Jeff Goldblum! Enter to Win with our Seek and Find Giveaway
By 21 October 2016 198 Views
Shhhhh! We've got a little secret! For one week only we're running one of our very popular Seek & Find Giveaways. In the past we've celebrated special occasions like movie release dates or celebrity birthdays like our Arnold Schwarzenegger Seek and Find. This week is no different, this time we're celebrating the birthday of the fantastic star or stage and screen - Jeff Goldblum. Get ready to get searching as this may be our most difficult Seek & Find yet! [caption id="attachment_2768" align="alignright" width="250"]Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum[/caption]For those who have enjoyed our 'Seek and Find' contests before, the rules are the same: search our site for four products with added Jeff. List the four items you've found in the comments below, links are fine. All comments will be kept hidden until the contest is over to give everyone a chance to find them all. One person will be picked at random using Random.org from the correct answers. Some images of Jeff may not be as noticeable as others so be sure to check all the nooks and crannies. So how do you enter? There's no need to shoot anyone in the knee cap, even if they will live! Have a look around the site, find the four pumped up products and list them in the comments below. You must give the full name or link of each item, anyone replying with 'PADDLE!' or similar will be disqualified. This contest will run for one week so you have plenty of time to find them all. This week's prize is a gorgeous leather flogger with a rounded metal handle. Don't delay - you have one week to get your entries in before Thursday night at midnight (27/10/2016). On the following Friday morning we will reveal everyone's answers and we will pick a winner from the correct answers. Don't forget to include your email address with your entry otherwise I won't be able to send out your prize seek, find and win! EDIT: It seems this edition of Seek & Find is proving to be more difficult than our others! I've decided to extend the competition until Sunday night at Midnight so you can have the weekend to search high and low for our elusive guest. The answers will be revealed and a winner will be selected on Monday Morning as a Halloween treat! TIME! The entries have been tallied and a winner has been selected from the correct answers. The winner of our Jeff Goldblum seek and find is.... Louis Head!!! Congratulations and good work on finding all four UberKinky products with added Jeff Goldblum. For those of you who couldn't find all four items, here are the answers: 83056 83419 83581 83943
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