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Hull Fetish Night Seven
By 7 August 2012 33 Views
Last night I attended Hull Fetish Night 7 here in sunny Kingston Upon Hull which was held in a city centre night club called Fuel. Hull Fetish Night is a bi-monthly fetish event here in Hull which features play kits by Nemisis. This event is perfect for those new to the scene as well as BDSM pros. As my friend and I walked in, we were greeted by one of the Dungeon Masters who immediately gave us a tour of the venue and a quick overview of the house rules. There were two dedicated play areas as well as various bondage furniture thought the venue to enjoy. The event started off small as you would imagine but as the place filled up a bit, people became more adventurous. There was a suspension or two in the back next to a beautiful girl being bound in stunning shibari rope bondage. In quiet corners, couples and groups were enraptured with various sensation play toys and tools. Many people were lining up to be tied up and tickled with the violet wand. The people were lovely, one minute we were talking about fisting porn and the next; I was talking with a gentleman in a latex thong and assless chaps about quantum physics. Very stimulating indeed! The overall vibe of the crowd was as playful as it was accommodating. The next Hull Fetish Night will be held sometime in October so be on the lookout. If you're in the area, come join us in the fun and be sure to look for me, Mistress Victoria. For more information check out Club Dominion's website.