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International Fetish Day 2014

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International Fetish Day 2014
By 16 January 2014 180 Views

Perverts Wear Purple

It’s that time again folks! So get digging in those drawers and rummaging in that wardrobe, because purple is the new black. That’s right, UberKinky friends; International Fetish Day 2014 is upon us, so pull on your something purple and wear it with pride. This is the one day of the year that we ‘perverts’ can be ‘out and proud’, so let’s make the most of it. [caption id="attachment_920" align="alignright" width="400"]International Fetish Day 2014 International Fetish Day 2014[/caption]So, where did it all begin? Well, previously referred to as “National Fetish Day”, International Fetish Day was celebrated for the first time on 16 January, 2009. It has since been marked on the third Friday of every January. The original purpose of the event was to not only challenge public perceptions of the BDSM community, but also express opposition against new laws which criminalised the possession of “extreme pornography” (passed on 26 January, 2009). Now, we know that pretty much every day is Fetish Day to you guys! After all, ‘It’s not a fetish; it’s a way of life’. Do you see what we did there? However, International Fetish Day is the perfect opportunity to publicly celebrate our culture and quash the stigmatism surrounding it. Our preferences may not be the societal ‘norm’, but who exactly defines normality and, more importantly, does it even exist? Almost everyone has some sort of fetish or fantasy; a light spanking here, a little role playing there, so where is that line between ‘normal’ and paraphilia? Okay so we know that, like us, you guys are somewhat more extreme... but you catch our drift. In a world that is becoming more open and accepting, it seems absurd that BDSM remains a taboo topic of conversation. So let’s all get behind International Fetish Day and do what we can to encourage diversity and openness about personal preferences. “So why wear purple?” I hear you ask. Well, purple and BDSM go way back, the origins of which are unclear. Perhaps it represents that nasty bruise on your bottom’s skin after a severe spanking! Anyway, regardless of the colour, wearing something to symbolise your support and involvement in the BDSM community is the perfect way to demonstrate that just because you enjoy the odd bit of ‘rough’, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the least bit ‘weird’. Well, it’s safe to say we’ll all be perverts wearing purple here at UberKinky tomorrow! What will you be wearing?