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International Fetish Day 2015
By 16 January 2015 17 Views
Seeing purple? Think your eyes are on the blink? Well, fear not folks; that’s because International Fetish Day 2015 is upon us. So, hold off on that optician’s appointment, and pull on your favourite purple finery, because when it comes to challenging public perceptions of BDSM, we’ve got work to do! [caption id="attachment_1926" align="alignright" width="450"]International Fetish Day 2015 International Fetish Day 2015[/caption] Don’t tell us you forgot the kinkiest calendar day? That can’t be right, not after our week of gratifying giveaways. However, if you did happen to miss them somehow, all is not lost, there’s still time to enter each of our 5 competitions. You have until Wednesday 21 January. And now you’re in the know there’s no excuse. You’re a pervert, right?! Then we sincerely hope you’re dressed as such on this, the 7th annual International Fetish Day. So, do you enjoy horsing around? Get a real kick out of CBT? Or do you simply like a little light role playing every now and again? Well, everyone has some sort of fetish, whether they consider themselves to be part of the BDSM community or not. It can be something as simple as being spanked during sex, or enjoying a little game of deviant doctors and naughty nurses from time to time. That means, in reality, everyone should be sporting a purple item of clothing today. Well, although that may not be the case, it certainly is here at UberKinky HQ! Okay, okay, so we know that you guys are with us at the more extreme end of the spectrum, but you see our point... This is the one day of the year when all of us perverts are doing exactly the same thing, at the same time, for the same reason. There’s something quite sadistically sweet about that, isn’t there? Not only are we challenging public perceptions about who enjoys BDSM, and indeed just how popular it is, we are also encouraging others to be more open about their preferences. Not to get too heavy on you, but here at UberKinky we view it as our right to be ‘out and proud’ on this day each year and our responsibility. It’s a platform to help us identify with one another and create a sense of unity, without compromising ‘vanilla’ integrity. As you know, from our perverted post this time last year, International Fetish Day was first celebrated as such on 16 January 2009. Since then, it has been marked on the third Friday of every year. Not only has it worked as a catalyst to challenge public perceptions of BDSM and demonstrate its popularity, it continues to express opposition to the laws which criminalise the possession of “extreme pornography” (passed on 26 January, 2009). Now, with the new pornography restrictions in place, it is more important than ever to show our solidarity. So, what are you wearing today that's purple? Take a look at our Government Approved Periodic Table of Kink for more information regarding the new UK pornography regulations.