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Name That Sex Toy - Round 1

Name That Sex Toy - Round 1
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Name That Sex Toy - Round 1

We love the buzz that goes with a great give-away. There's an vigorous frenzy activity from hopeful kinksters wanting to win the latest UberKinky prize. Sure we run a lot of give-aways through Rafflecopter which makes winning down to the luck of the draw but this time we thought we would change things up a bit and make it more challenging so we've created a game called 'Name That Sex Toy'. Simply study the image and search through our website to figure out what the item could be. The first to correctly name the item in the timestamped comments wins the item. Sound fun? Let's go! Name that Sex Toy and win! [caption id="attachment_2249" align="aligncenter" width="899"]Name That Sex Toy Round 1 Name That Sex Toy Round 1[/caption]

Rules, terms, conditions and everything else: Entries are open worldwide. Answer must be in a blog comment to count. First person to correctly guess the item wins. Winner has 48 hours to come back to us with delivery details or the next person in line wins. Must love UberKinky!

Well that took no time at all to get the correct answer! Looks like we will have to make them more challenging. Now for the reveal -

[caption id="attachment_2264" align="aligncenter" width="901"]Name That Sex Toy Round 1 Reveal Name That Sex Toy Round 1 Reveal[/caption]
14 July 2015