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Name That Sex Toy - Round 4
By 14 September 2015 19 Views
We're half way through our birthday celebrations here at UberKinky and once again it's time to Name That Sex Toy! Just like last time, we're keeping the answers private until tomorrow morning where I will pick a winner at random from all the correct answers. Now people who are at work all day or who simply missed out on playing can join in on the fun and get an equal chance. Fair enough? Good. Let's get on with the game then! [caption id="attachment_2363" align="aligncenter" width="513"]Name that sex toy - Round 4 Name that sex toy - Round 4[/caption] Rules, terms, conditions and everything else: Comments will be hidden until Tuesday morning. Entries are open worldwide. Answer must be in a blog comment to count. Answer must be the actual product name just saying 'DILDO' will not count. Winner will be chosen at random from the correct answers. Winner has 48 hours to come back to us with delivery details or the next person in line wins. Must love UberKinky! It looks like this time we made the game a little more challenging! Three of you thought it was some sort of underpants and we only got one correct answer. Congratulations go out to Guillermo who guess correctly and won himself an OVO B10 Vibrating Cock Ring. Stay tuned for another exciting round of Name That Sex Toy! [caption id="attachment_2368" align="aligncenter" width="513"]Name that sex toy 4 Name that sex toy 4[/caption]
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