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Interview Time!

Interview Time!

Interview Time!

Music to Dominate to: The UberKinky Exclusive Interview with Paul Domaster

When you go to a fetish event, you walk into a wonderland of kinky possibilities with the perfect ambiance. The mood is set with the lights turned down low and erotic sounds permeating from the speakers. The Dj is a vital part of the crew as they set the mood for the evening and take you on a musical journey which could include anything from smooth, sultry sounds to industrial beats fit to fling a flogger to. I was lucky enough to track down Dj Paul Domaster between gigs and get an exclusive interview for an interesting venture into the mind of the Domaster Himself. Using various names throught the years, Paul Domaster settled on his current moniker for both his Dj'ing and as his scene name. A Dominant player, he finds his years of ninjitsu as creative inspiration. He is in no way new to the fetish scene yet he finds he prefers to stay in the background more often in recent years. He considers himself "a young 40 year old, I say young as I still haven't grown up, but age has its advantage as experience comes in handy with what I do."

How did you get started in Djing and how did you end up DJing for fetish events?

I started djing while still at school in the 80's, I had a love of music that was stronger than anything else I did. I worked with a friend doing mobile gigs at local pubs until I was asked to DJ at a gay club in Birmingham to do the dance music side of the night, by this point I had learned to mix and was also working on the hard core rave scene around The Midlands. The club scene became my life during the 90's and I played at the majority of the big dance clubs, but I also had a friend who ran a fetish night in Birmingham and as I worked on the gay dance scene, he assumed I would be comfortable enough at my young age to dj for him. He assumed right ;). Dominion and the events became a residency I have done on and off now for 20 years.

What other places or events can you be found Djing?

I Dj where ever I am booked, but in the main I can be found at most Dominion events & Hullfet, Just before Christmas I became a resident at Heresy n Heelz to play at their events and to produce/play the music for their monthly daytime markets, I also can be found at Skin Two North. I do still play on the standard club scene, but as my work increases again on the Fet Scene I have found myself doing less and less.

What can one expect to hear on your set list?

This is a hard question as I always try and play towards the event rather than a set style. My main music I suppose is dance, well the electro/ tech house side of dance, but for instance when I am at HnH then I adapt to play more Electro Swing. Skin Two is Oldskool house classics and more techno based house. I play a lot of rock remixes and recently have been dropping some more Gothic classics at the Hull/Dominion events in the warm up as the market for it is there. I class myself as a club, dance, party Dj rather than a specific genre Dj. If it gets you dancing then it gets dropped.

You probably have heard this one a million times but I'm sure everyone wants to know... do you take requests and if you do, how can someone submit a request?

Like any DJ who does more club based nights, it is hard to say yes to that question as it would mean me carrying millions of tracks just to have the chance to have the one you want. But I never turn anyone away from asking as if by chance I do have it with me and it fits the floor I will play it. If someone wants to hear something specific then they just need to send me a message on Facebook before the event and I will try and bring it… it does need to fit the event though, I can't play a slow RnB tune in the middle of a dance set as it can kill a floor and a night.

On the subject of requests what's the strangest request you've ever received?

The sultry sounds of Dj Paul Domaster at HullFet 10
(laughs)Even if I didn't entertain any kind of requests it wouldn't stop people from asking. Strangest request is always going to be one that is so far removed from the night at hand that it makes you stare in disbelief! I have been asked for Shania Twain album tracks in the middle of a hard techno set and in the 90's I was asked for an East 17 track while I was doing an industrial gothic set... the list can go on Haha!

Does your fetish life and real life ever coincide or do you prefer to keep things separate?

It does every so often as my dress styles play a big part of my fet life and as a manager in my day life, the Dom in me can come out (laughs). In the main I keep them separate as I like a private life to enjoy, it is rare you will even see me playing at a fet event as being an entertainer I am exposed more than most in general. I see the events as a social thing and would rather be at a fet event than down the local pub.

You've been to so many different events, have you ever been shocked by anything you've seen?

I would never say shocked as being of a voyeuristic nature I find everything interesting, but I suppose being heterosexual on the late 80's early 90's gay scene had its eye-opening moments when I first went on and the first time I dj'd at a club that had full on swinging as part of the event, seeing other people having sex where ever I looked was interesting HaHa. On the fet scene I have seen things I am not into and choose not to watch but not shocked by it.

What's next for Paul Domaster? Do you have any future plans?

I think it will be about getting more fet based gigs now rather than general club based gigs as I have more fun on the scene. I am about to work on producing an album which will be scene orientated rather than what I have been doing which was drum n bass and dubstep, though I can't complain as I got to work with Billie Ray Martin on a remix track for The Opiates album, being a long-time fan of her work it was great.

Where can people find you if they want to get a hold of you?

Best place to get hold of me is through Facebook, I have a page on there which I keep updated to what's happening. You can also follow me on Twitter @PaulDomaster, musically I am on SoundCloud which i will be adding more onto soon.
3 January 2013